Week 1

  • Kick-Off Meeting
  • Documentation Review
  • Data Collection
  • Network Diagram
    • Assets
    • Contact
    • Escalation
    • Security Policies
  • Deploy VM Collector & Obtain Network Access
  • Column Domain Service Account

Week 2

  • Weekly Status Meeting
  • Configure Device for Log Collection
  • Enable Use Cases & Correlation Rules for Log Sources

Week 3

  • Weekly Status Meeting
  • Assets Modeling
  • Configure Advanced Devices for Log Collection

Week 4

  • Weekly Status Meeting
  • Dashboard Customization
  • Use Case Customization
  • Report Customization

Week 5

  • Weekly Status Meeting
  • Portal Training
  • Pre-Production Meeting
  • Deliver Customized Runbook

Now when I come in on Mondays, I’m not coming in to a nightmare that popped up over the weekend.

Secrets to AI Success in your SOC

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This interactive event covered topics such as:
  • Optimal AI deployment for a SOC 
  • Solutions to security data lake management
  • Practices for evaluating AI solutions
  • Benefits and results from an AI led approach