Direct Portal Access

Full Access to Alerts and Event Details

As a Proficio client, you’ll have access to more useful data and insights about your cybersecurity through our personalized portals and dashboards. You’ll know more about the threats your organization is facing and what your managed security services team at Proficio is doing to stop them.

The Proficio client portal features:

  • Customized dashboards
  • Detailed information
  • Full search and investigation access

The Proficio portal is your window to your secure environment with all the details and information your internal cybersecurity team will need to take actions to prevent attacks, respond to threats and remediate any damage done.

Investigation and Search Capabilities

Unlike other managed security services providers, the Proficio dashboard provides a clearer and more complete picture of your cybersecurity posture. With more accurate alerts and the ability to search logs and do your investigation, your organization will have more insights into your current security landscape.

The customer portal our valued clients enjoy is just another Proficio advantage you will appreciate.



Proficio helps me sleep better at night.