Receive Smarter, More Accurate Alerts

When it comes to cybersecurity alerts, it’s all about quality, not quantity. There are likely hundreds of alerts generated each day on your company’s secure network, far too many for even the best cybersecurity analyst to sort through, investigate and respond to. That means serious threats can fall through the cracks of a cybersecurity team that is stretched thin chasing down alerts, some of which may not be serious enough to warrant immediate attention.

Avoid Alert Fatigue

Alert fatigue, also called alarm fatigue, occurs when a large number of frequent alerts are presented. This form of sensory overload can result in a security analyst or other cybersecurity personnel becoming desensitized to incoming alerts and missed alarms. Alert fatigue is a serious problem in today’s increasingly busy world of cybersecurity.

The science of Proficio’s Security Operations Center as a service detects all threats and uses proven correlation rules, use cases and other intelligence to boil down hundreds of alerts into a handful your team can act on, while prioritizing the threats so the most serious threats can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

Now when I come in on Mondays, I’m not coming in to a nightmare that popped up over the weekend.