Founded with the goal of building a partnership between basic science and applied research, the La Jolla Institute for Immunology (LJI) has made it their mission to better understand the immune system and improve human health by developing treatments and cures for immune system disorders. LJI, a top immunology research institution, has been operating for more than 30 years and has over 450 employees. 

Focused on finding treatments and vaccines for a variety of diseases, from cancer and HIV, to diabetes and allergies, the research being done by the scientists at LJI is of critical importance. While cybersecurity wasn’t a concern when their organization was founded in 1998, as their organization continued to grow, so did the amount of sensitive data and research that was stored within their networks. However, as a non-profit organization, the majority of their funds were earmarked for the ground-breaking scientific research – not IT. 

The small, internal IT team at LJI knew cybersecurity needed to be a priority, but they did not have the resources to build and manage a mature program in-house. While they had put tools in place for ad-hoc coverage, such as network and endpoint protections, they knew it was not enough to protect their organization in the current threat landscape.