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Securing Your Transition to the Cloud | Webinar

Moving your infrastructure to the cloud is a good way to modernize your operations. It creates a more flexible environment that can easily support a remote or hybrid workforce. Done correctly, it also makes security more consistent and scalable. But for many, it’s still a daunting prospect and concerns remain around keeping your data safe.

This webinar explores the security concerns surrounding a move to the cloud, either completely or as a part of a hybrid environment. You’ll leave with a better understanding of how to prepare, what the best practices are, and why a service provider can help ease the journey.

Talking points will include:

  • Common security mistakes seen during cloud migration and how to avoid them
  • How cloud security has evolved and improved over the last decade
  • The advantages of hosting threat management functions in the cloud (including log management, threat analytics, automated response, and risk scoring).
  • Critical security requirements for monitoring a cloud environment
  • How to determine what to do in-house vs. where you should look to partner

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