Catholic Health and Proficio

A Success Story


Catholic Health selected Proficio as their MSSP to increase their security coverage and to achieve 24×7 monitoring and alerting of all their different applications.




Before Proficio, security monitoring at Catholic Health was handled by their internal security team.  They were not staffed 24×7 however,  and on the evening and weekends were lacking the monitoring of key critical logs of their security devices and were feeling vulnerable to a potential breach.  The first obstacle they were dealing with was trying to find qualified security professionals to bring on internally.  Additionally, they had multiple technologies in-house, such as data-loss prevention, anti-virus, web browser filtering and more that were used to protect patient health information and other financial data.  It was very difficult for the internal team to monitor all these applications for data to see if their was a potential breach.  It was because of all these obstacles that they decided  to outsource their monitoring and alerting needs to Proficio.



After evaluating all of their options, from building a security operations center (SOC) in-house to working with an existing local vendor and possibly outsourcing to a global MSSP, Catholic Health decided to outsource their cybersecurity needs to Proficio.  The key decision factors were based on Proficio’s focus on the healthcare vertical market and wealth of industry knowledge.  Catholic Health felt that Proficio was the most cost-effective solution and the best value for their money.  Proficio also offered flexibility as Catholic Health’s cybersecurity needs changed and their security risks were greatly reduced.



Catholic Health is dedicated to developing an exceptional workforce focused on a culture of inclusiveness and integrity that values diversity.  Located in Buffalo, Catholic Health is a non-profit healthcare system that provides care to residents of Western New York across a network of hospitals, primary care centers, imaging centers, and several other community ministries. Their mission sets them apart. It’s the human side of healthcare – the touch, smile or comforting word that can help make your healthcare experience better. It’s treating all people with respect and dignity, and providing comfort in times of greatest need.



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“While our internal staff is excellent quality, they only have so many hours in a day to get work done. Proficio backfills that admirably, and allows us to focus on what we do best, while Proficio focuses on what they do best, and together we make a much stronger partnership.”

– Peter Capelli, CISO & VP of Infrastructure and Networking, Catholic Health

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