If your business regularly processes, stores, or transmits credit card information, then you are affected by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). PCI DSS requirements are continually updated to keep pace with the evolving threat landscape, and it can be a challenge to keep your security program in compliance. 

Proficio managed security services help organizations meet many of the critical requirements for compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard. Proficio’s customers benefit from the most advanced security monitoring and 24×7 managed security services that until recently were outside the budget of all but the very largest enterprises.

Annual Security Assessment
  • Vulnerability and risk assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • Review of configurations, policies, and controls
Vulnerability Management
  • Managed vulnerability scanning of hosts, devices and web apps
  • Identification and removal of malware infections
  • Remediation planning and prioritization
Log Collection and Retention
  • Secure collection of log data
  • Log retention and archiving
  • Log search and forensics
Security Monitoring and Analysis
  • 24x7 security event monitoring and alerting
  • Investigation and remediation of high priority threats
  • Monitoring business controls and compliance safeguards
Reporting and Workflow
  • Dashboards and reports mapped to compliance standard
  • Instantly see compliance posture and address gaps 
  • Automate generation of comprehensive reports needed to demonstrate compliance and pass an audit