HIPAA Compliance Insight Service

Understanding HIPAA Compliance Rules

Today’s healthcare organizations have a lot to be concerned about. Data breaches are at an all-time high, The Identity Theft Resource Center Data documented 377 healthcare data breaches in 2016. And cybercriminals are no longer just going after personal data – they’re looking to bigger crimes that lead to higher payouts, like a ransomware attack that shut downs an entire hospital system.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) was created to protect individuals’ personal health information (PHI) and well- being. As new risks appear, HIPAA regulations continue to evolve. The task of staying HIPAA compliant and meeting HHS audit protocol is daunting for most organizations. Proficio’s HIPAA Compliance Insight service was developed to give customers the confidence that their patients are protected and they’re well-prepared for their next audit.

HIPAA Compliance Insight Advantages

Worry-Free Audits

Proficio’s HIPAA Compliance Insight service relieves you of the burden of making sure your organization is audit-ready. Our service includes regularly scheduled HHS compliance meetings, hosted by Proficio, with our team providing investigations where needed to meet HHS requirements. Proficio also provides detailed personalized reports, which include the section and regulation mapped to specific HIPAA assets in scope, and detailed procedures to meet HHS audit protocol. This allows your organization to focus on other tasks and not have to worry the next time an audit is scheduled.

Meet HHS Protocol With Ease

Our HIPAA Compliance Insight service is made specifically for organizations who need to meet HSS protocol in their business.

This service includes:

  • Monitoring of the assets in scope
  • Generating HIPAA Reports specific to these assets
  • Regularly meeting to review report results to meet HSS requirements
  • Assigning action items to investigate or mitigate to meet HSS
Compliance Made Simple

With Proficio’s HIPAA Compliance Insight service, customers have repots that directly map to specific regulations and the organizational policies in place to easily meet HIPAA compliance standards. Additionally, the service can provide an accurate and thorough assessment of the potential risks and vulnerabilities to the confidentiality and integrity of records so that you can prevent a damaging data breach before it occurs.

Full Visibility and Access to Security Logs

The Proficio web-based client portal provides you with a real-time summary of the state of your organization’s security with:

  • Operational dashboards
  • Reports for security, management and compliance
  • Full access to security event logs
  • Active channels
  • Drill-down analytics
  • Role-based and user-based views
  • Case management
Personalized Reports

Proficio’s HIPAA Compliance Insight service provides custom reports including:

  • Monthly Notification Summary
  • Endpoint Event Summary
  • User Modification Review
  • Executive Authentication Report
  • Executive Traffic Report
  • Transmission Security Report
  • Authentication Failures

The quality of Proficio’s services, technology and people is unsurpassed in the industry and I strongly recommend them.