Financial Services

Advanced Security Defense

Nation-states, organized crime, fraud, criminal exchanges, and mobile device driven crime are major themes that only perpetuate the existing security challenges facing financial services. In a highly regulated industry, banks, credit unions, and insurance companies must adhere to compliance requirements, such as GLBA, FFIEC, FDIC IT-RMP, NCUA and the PCI DSS.

A single information security breach can be devastating to the bottom line, brand equity, and customer trust, resulting in hundreds of thousands to millions in recovery efforts. Proficio ProSOC® solves your security challenges by delivering advanced detection, protection and automated incident response to stop data breaches and keep your confidential data secure.

Secure Confidential Information
  • Detect, monitor and protect confidential information located anywhere
  • Accurate and relevant notifications on health status of network and security defenses
  • Track and stop any malicious attacks on applications, IT infrastructure, and endpoints
Protect against Targeted Attacks
  • Advanced analytics, threat intelligence, and business context modeling to accurately prioritize threats
  • 24x7 security expert investigations and hunting
  • Remediation response – rapidly block or contain attack
24x7 Availability and Accountability for Compliance
  • Automates the scanning and reporting requirements to meet regulations such as GLBA, FFIEC, FDIC IT-RMP, NCUA and the PCI DSS
  • Monitors for continuous availability and proper access by authorized users
  • Assures security defenses work effectively and as intended
  • Maintains data integrity and ensure proper controls and policies are in place
Extension of Your Security Team
  • 24x7 monitoring and investigation by certified security analysts
  • Automated workflow and response for quick action
  • Fully managed SOC services – increased visibility, improved effectiveness, reduced operational costs