Protecting Healthcare Organizations And Their Patients

Healthcare organizations today face very unique security challenges. With mobile device usage increasing, limited expertise and personnel, growing regulatory compliance, potential exposure in medical devices, and the digitization of healthcare records, healthcare organizations are challenged to secure their environment and protect patients and their information.

Compliance mandates like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) require significant organizational focus and readiness for the increased probability of an audit. 

With extensive experience working with some of the top healthcare providers and payers in the world, Proficio understands the unique challenges of the healthcare industry. We provide the necessary 24x7 managed security services to ensure compliance and advanced security detection and protection against patient privacy breaches–from curiosity based snooping and fraud, to identity theft and other criminal activities. Our HIPAA Compliance Insight Service to help you fully meet HHS protocol.

Protect PHI and Sensitive Information Anytime, Anywhere
  • Monitor and protect patient confidential information regardless of where it is stored
  • Accurate and relevant notifications on health status of network and security defenses
  • Track and stop any malicious attempts to compromise protected data, attack medical devices or deploy ransomware
HIPAA Compliance
  • Provide custom reports that map to each HHS regulation 
  • Review events, assign action items, and remediate any suspicious security activity
  • Have a full paper trail to demonstrate compliance and help meet audit protocol
Monitor Healthcare Applications and Devices
  • Monitors events 24x7 from healthcare applications, looking for risky behavior and suspicious activities
  • Discover vulnerabilities in patient and physician portals, web applications, unpatched systems and medical devices
  • Prevent network outages or system downtime
Extension of Your Security Team
  • 24x7 monitoring and investigation by certified security analysts
  • Automated workflow and response for quick action
  • Fully managed SOC services – increased visibility, improved effectiveness, reduced operational costs

HIPAA Compliance Insight Service

Profcio HIPAA Compliance Insight service gives a boost to your ProSOC service. It includes regularly scheduled HHS compliance meetings hosted by Proficio, detailed personalized reports mapped to specific HIPAA assets and detailed procedures to meet HHS audit protocol.

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Key Advantages

  • Personalized HIPAA Compliance Insight reports, that include both HIPAA and non-HIPAA assets in scope
  • Regularly scheduled HIPAA meetings to review reports, track action items and status
  • One-to-one mapping of HIPAA requirement sections for attestation and the ability to quickly and effectively get through an audit
  • Annual risk assessment and penetration testing
  • Full paper trail to meet audit protocol