Leverage Hybrid SIEM

Get More Value Out of Your SIEM Investment

Many companies and organizations already have made a significant investment in security information and event management (SIEM), only to find that they lack the resources or knowledge to maintain the software for optimal results.

In some cases, companies want to have a back-up system in place to further protect their sensitive data, extend their security operations to 24/7 or simply have another set of eyes on the threats and incident logs they are already receiving from their own SIEM as an added layer of protection.

Such an arrangement, commonly called a “hybrid SIEM,” can be a cost-effective, fast and reliable way to help better protect your customer data. By working with an outsourced cybersecurity partner, companies can achieve better visibility into the cyberthreats they are facing and better understand the challenges of protecting their sensitive data.

Leverage Hybrid Solutions

Using a hybrid, or co-managed, approach to your SIEM can help you get a better ROI on your software purchase.

With a hybrid arrangement, your organization can:

  • Rapidly address cybersecurity needs
  • Pick and choose services
  • Leverage use case expertise
  • Extend coverage to 24/7/365
  • Provide coverage redundancy and scalability

Proficio is SIEM Agnostic

Proficio can work with most SIEMs and integrate our technology to your current platforms.

That means if you are already using a SIEM, in most cases, there is no need to change from what you are using in order to share event logs and other data with our cybersecurity analysts.

If your organization is not currently using a SIEM, we can provide a cloud-based SIEM for you. 

That’s why a hybrid SIEM arrangement can be an economical and strategic improvement over your current cybersecurity posture.

The quality of Proficio’s services, technology and people is unsurpassed in the industry and I strongly recommend them.