Explore Outsourcing

Outsourcing cybersecurity to a managed security services provider can result in an improved cybersecurity posture. Use our MSSP Evaluation Checklist to make sure your organization is asking the right questions of your MSSP.

Leverage Our People, Processes and Technology

Outsourcing managed security services can help your company or organization stay ahead of emerging cybersecurity threats. Designing, building and maintaining your own security environment can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor that can drain internal resources and budgets.

In addition to potential cost savings from outsourcing your cybersecurity, there is the added benefit of having a team of trained and fully equipped online security professionals on watch, 24/7. There is no need to worry about training or retaining your own team or paying for the equipment they need to do their jobs.

“Proficio’s services helped us achieve a 24×7 security operations center, that we wouldn’t normally be able to do ourselves.”

– Trevor Dodson, Senior IT Director, Lewis & Clark College

Now when I come in on Mondays, I’m not coming in to a nightmare that popped up over the weekend.