Increase SIEM value

Get Better Results From Your SIEM

Security incident event management (SIEM) software is essential to an organization’s overall cybersecurity stance, but simply having a SIEM in place is just the first step to good cybersecurity health. Managed SIEM can be the answer.

Without reliable correlation rules, use cases and other intelligence built in to your SIEM and a dedicated team of cybersecurity professionals to monitor and maintain the software, your SIEM will not be able to detect or respond accordingly to cybersecurity threats.

Tuning your SIEM to identify, categorize and allow you to respond to cybersecurity threats is the only way to improve the value of your SIEM and get the most for your investment.

Reduce Alert Fatigue

Alert fatigue can be very dangerous for cybersecurity professionals. It happens when a SIEM is not properly set up or tuned and fails to sufficiently prioritize incoming alerts, leaving security experts scrambling to keep up with an avalanche of millions of incoming alerts and other data. 

It’s like a 21st century version of the boy who cried wolf, whose persistent warnings are eventually ignored, allowing a serious cybersecurity breach to occur. At this point, a SIEM can become more of a liability than an asset.

Proficio provides managed security services that help our clients sort through the mountains of security alerts pouring in through firewalls and other entry points to focus only on those which pose the most serious threat to your most valuable data.

Proficio helps me sleep better at night.