Identify Targeted Attacks

Targeted attacks can cripple your organization and expose customer data and other sensitive information to hackers. Learn how to prevent these damaging cyber attacks.

Detect and Respond to Targeted Attacks

In the world of cybersecurity, being the victim of a targeted attack is the one thing that keeps CISOs and other cybersecurity officials up at night. Aside from being caught up in a broader scheme targeting millions of online users around the world, being singled out for a coordinated attack can be a scary and expensive experience. Threat intelligence can help detect and respond to targeted attacks.

Targeted attacks which focus on a single victim or small group may come in the form of ransomware, a type of cyber attack where sensitive company data is accessed and held for ransom, with the attacker threatening to make the private data public unless a financial ransom is paid. Or, a targeted attack may involve a hacker gaining access to and disrupting the business operations of a specific company, rather than attacking a larger audience of targets.


In some cases, a targeted attack is launched by:

  • A competitor
  • A disgruntled former employee
  • A bad actor with knowledge of a company’s systems and security posture.

The specific and often personal nature of a targeted attacked makes it a particularly serious type of cyber crime.

While targeted attacks might not be able to be avoided in all cases, they can be detected and responded to promptly and completely to help minimize damage.

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