ProView Plus™ Customer Portal with ThreatInsight™ Risk Scoring

Discover the features of our enhanced ProView Plus customer portal with executive dashboards and see how our ThreatInsight score can help improve your organization’s security posture.

Enhanced Portal with Executive Dashboards
& Risk Scoring Intelligence

The ProView Plus portal with ThreatInsight scoring provides complete visibility into your organization’s security posture. The enhanced customer portal features ThreatInsight analysis that identifies blind spots in security controls and provides advanced risk scoring intelligence, as well as executive dashboards that allow you to investigate security alerts, review device behavior, search security log sources, create board-room ready reports, and handle case managements & escalations. For more information click here.

ThreatInsight Dashboard

This state-of-the-art dashboard leverages proprietary advanced analytics to reveal blind spots in an organization’s security posture by evaluating the effective coverage of their security controls based on the Cyber Kill Chain and today's threat landscape. This unique dashboard then provides automatic recommendations on how to improve overall security posture and allows customers to see how their ThreatInsight score compares to Proficio’s customer base and their specific industry vertical.  Want to learn more about our ThreatInsight scoring?


I can use Proficio’s ThreatInsight scoring dashboard to present a security roadmap to my board that addresses our blind spots to reduce risk and helps us maximize current investments while justifying a budget to address security gaps.

CISO | Retail Company

Executive Dashboards Give You
Total Visibility Into Your Environment


An overview of your environment designed for an executive audience. This dashboard displays high level information about alerts within your environment and your overall risk coverage score with a benchmark comparison to your peers.


The Alerts Executive Dashboard shows more detailed information about alerts you have received, including the total quantity of alerts, trends over time, and alert breakdowns by their categories, types, and the use cases that generated them.


The Devices Executive Dashboard displays information about the devices we receive logs from, including general EPS information, EPS information by security control, alerts generated by each log source, and industry average rates for alert generation by log source.


This dashboard provides an interactive world map as a visual aid to illustrate the frequency and
location by origin of activity triggering active defense along with how many active defense initiations have occurred.

ThreatInsight Scoring Dashboard

Displays your overall ThreatInsight risk score. This is a measurement from Proficio that rates your network security based on the controls in place that are sending data to Proficio. This is compared against the current threat landscape by means of the Proficio Threat Matrix to determine which threats you do not have coverage for within your network. This dashboard also provides a more detailed breakdown of your ThreatInsight score by assigning a score for each category of your network. Finally, the dashboard includes the top 3 recommendations for each network category, and an active device profile for reference.

ThreatInsight Score Recommendations

This dashboard displays your ThreatInsight scores for each network category, a detailed device list, and provides recommendations for each network category along with which threats each recommendation will address. Information about which threats you will gain coverage for are provided for each recommendation.

ThreatInsight Score Threats

Shows your effective threat coverage in each network category. Threats with the least coverage are marked in the heat map as having the highest risk to you, and sorted to appear at this top of this graphic.