24x7 Security Monitoring and Alerting

PROSOC Features

Proficio ProSOC® pioneered SOC-as-a-Service by offering the industry’s first cloud-based security operation center (SOC) solution that provides detection, protection and automated incident response. ProSOC provides our customers with actionable threat intelligence and complete visibility to their security posture.

Comprehensive 24x7 Monitoring and Analysis

Security Monitoring and Alerting

Proficio ProSOC provides always-on machine analytics, threat intelligence, and continuous threat investigations to deliver accurate and in-depth alert notifications. We’re always monitoring, so you can focus on higher level security management and sleep at night.

Log Management and Search

ProSOC collects logs, behavior analytics, and business intelligence from our clients for analysis in our security operations centers and provides online access to advanced real-time search of all events for investigations, compliance, and forensics.

Threat Intelligence

ProSOC uses global sources of threat intelligence data and trusted client circles to provide predictive intelligence about probable attacks and to help prevent incidents from occurring.

Active Investigations and Hunting

Eliminating false alerts and discovering advanced attacks requires active manual investigations and analytics–driven threat hunting. Proficio ProSOC applies the industry’s highest level of advanced manual investigations and hunting to threat discovery so you can focus on real actions to prevent breaches.

Custom Use Cases and Business Context Modeling

Prior generations’ MSSPs use limited sets of static use cases based on just IP addresses and no understanding of the value or behavior of an asset. Proficio is the first next-generation MSSP that enables Business Context Modeling to every asset to model applications, priorities, policies, and behaviors of devices and users to discover suspicious anomalies that indicate attacks or compromises. We understand every business is different and apply custom use case analytics to every client.

Hybrid SOC Models and Flexible Escalations

Whether you have an on-premise SIEM or need a SIEM-as-a-Service, Proficio ProSOC provides the 24x7 security analytics, threat intelligence, and active SOC monitoring needed to deliver actionable alert notifications.

Proficio understands every business is different and we customize use case analytics, notifications, escalations, response orchestrations, and runbooks for each client.

ProSOC helps organizations address critical security and compliance needs, reduce business risk, stop breaches before they happen, and reduce operational costs.


Advanced Threat Detection, Powerful Analytics, and Business Context Modeling

Proficio ProSOC includes our world-class, fully monitored SIEM-as-a-Service solution that collects, filters and correlates security events from firewalls, IPS, servers, applications, and virtually any critical asset whether in your data center or in the cloud.

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Proficio's award-winning ProSOC solution includes SIEM-as-a-Service with the following capabilities:

  • Cloud-based security analytics with industry leading SIEM and Threat Intelligence 
  • 24x7 security monitoring, notifications, and escalations
  • Actionable alerts with recommended actions
  • Support for over 300 log sources
  • ProView web portal with dashboards, log search, reports, and case management
  • Device Auditing
  • Hundreds of advanced correlation rules and use cases
  • Security monitoring from the endpoint to the cloud
  • Support for AWS and Azure clouds
  • Machine learning and behavioral analytics
  • DNS Monitoring
  • Instant response and containment of critical events 
  • Compliance reporting and log retention
  • SOC 2 Type II compliant service provider