Hybrid/Co-Managed SOC as a Service

Get More Out of Your SIEM and SOC

A hybrid or co-managed model for security operations center (SOC) and security information and event management (SIEM) can provide the best of both worlds. With hybrid, your company or organization maintains as much control and visibility into your secure environment as you want, while outsourcing whatever cybersecurity responsibilities and functions you want to a managed security services provider to handle. Working with Proficio on a hybrid or co-managed SIEM or SOC as a service gives you:





Cost Savings

Cost Savings

When you extend your organization’s security team with Proficio’s hybrid or co-managed SIEM and SOC services, you get managed security support, including:

24/7 Monitoring

Incident Investigations

Validation of suspected threats

Threat Intelligence

Custom Notifications of issues resolved


SIEM Rescue with Hybrid

Many companies and organizations already have made a significant investment in SIEM, only to find that they lack the resources or knowledge to maintain the software for optimal results. Working with a managed services provider such as Proficio to co-manage your SIEM can help increase the software’s effectiveness while reducing false positives and the flow of low-level alerts that can prevent a solid cybersecurity posture.


Featured Co-Managed Service

Find out how having Proficio co-manage your Splunk Enterprise Security instance can help you get more value out of your SIEM.

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Proficio is SIEM Agnostic

Proficio can work with most SIEMs and integrate our technology to your current platforms.
That means:

Full Visibility Into Your Security

As a Proficio client, you will have access to an online reporting portal that provides real-time updates and a summary of the current state of your security, including:


SIEM Management Features

If your company or organization has already purchased software for security information and event management (SIEM), you have  made a sizable financial and manpower investment to help keep your sensitive data safe. But just having SIEM in place is not enough to adequately protect your sensitive data and customer information. Without the detailed use cases, correlation rules and other intelligence built into your SIEM, the software will not perform as you need and it will not sufficiently detect cyber threats to your secure environment. Hiring Proficio to co-manage your existing SIEM or building a hybrid arrangement for SIEM allows you to keep and leverage your organization’s investment in an on-premises SIEM by adding Proficio’s expert analysts, processes and 24/7 SOC. Our cybersecurity experts can:


Cloud and On-Premise Instances

At Proficio, we understand that each of our clients has unique needs and goals for cybersecurity. Our security operations center as a service is the most flexible in the industry and can address most deployment models and service permutations that our clients require. Some companies prefer to outsource all aspects of SIEM administration, event logging and 24/7 expert monitoring, while others choose a hybrid or co-managed model, where Proficio provides a fully managed cloud-based SIEM service while the client monitors and remediates their own security events. Others want to maintain their own on-premises SIEM, but are looking for our help to either remotely administer their SIEM or monitor alerts outside of normal business hours.

Hybrid Advantages

Hybrid SOC as a Service and SIEM provides your organization with a balanced cybersecurity posture, allowing you to tap into the resources, technology and processes of a next-generation managed security services provider while maintaining your own cybersecurity program.






24/7 Coverage

Coverage 24/7

Salvage Failed
SIEM Implementation


SIEM Use Cases
and Other Content Provided

Increase siem roi

More Effective


Rapid Response
to Threats


SIEM Administrative

Hybrid: The Future of SIEM

Hybrid SIEM and Security Operations Center as a Service is the future of managed security services, built to address the always-changing threat landscape. Our cybersecurity experts work alongside your internal team to monitor and protect data and applications stored in cloud infrastructures, like AWS, using virtual relays and cloud-based IDS software. We also provide help addressing issues arising from BYOD and the development of wireless applications by monitoring device users and applications for unauthorized or suspicious behavior.

Proficio helps take the stress out of IT security.