Higher Education Cybersecurity

Ensuring the Security of Higher Education Data

Colleges, universities and other institutions of higher education are charged with protecting sensitive data of students, alumni, staff, faculty and others. Breaches of higher education data can result in the release of sensitive information about current and former students, faculty, staff and others associated with the school. If in the wrong hands, this information can be used by cyber criminals to steal the identities of students, faculty or staff or launch a ransomware attack against the school, demanding payment to prevent the release of the stolen information to the public.

All schools that receive U.S. Department of Education funding must comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA. The 1974 law requires schools to maintain the privacy of student records while providing access to education records and maintaining the accuracy of the records.

If a university operates a medical center as part of its campus, strict compliance cybersecurity mandates like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) require significant organizational focus and readiness for the increased probability of an audit. Learn more about our HIPAA Compliance Insight Service to help you fully meet HHS protocol. Proficio understands the unique security challenges of higher education institutions. We provide the necessary 24×7 managed security services to ensure compliance and advanced security detection and protection against privacy breaches–from curiosity based snooping and fraud, to identity theft and other criminal activities.


  • Monitor and protect student, faculty and staff confidential information wherever it is stored
  • Accurate and relevant notifications on the real-time health status of network and security defenses
  • Track and stop any malicious attempts to compromise protected data, attack medical devices or deploy ransomware


  • Provide custom reports that map to each HHS regulation
  • Review events, assign action items, and remediate any suspicious security activity
  • Have a full paper trail to demonstrate compliance and help meet audit protocol


  • Keep an eye on events from network applications, looking for risky behavior and suspicious activities
  • Discover vulnerabilities in university portals, web applications and unpatched systems
  • Prevent network outages or system downtime


  • 24×7 monitoring and investigation by certified security analysts
  • Automated workflow and response for quick action
  • Fully managed SOC services – increased visibility, improved effectiveness, reduced operational costs

University Medical Center Cybersecurity Whitepaper

Proficio HIPAA Compliance Insight service gives a boost to your Security Operations Center service. It includes regularly scheduled HHS compliance meetings hosted by Proficio, detailed personalized reports mapped to specific HIPAA assets and detailed procedures to meet HHS audit protocol.
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“Proficio’s services helped us achieve a 24×7 security operations center, that we wouldn’t normally be able to do ourselves.”

– Trevor Dodson, Senior IT Director, Lewis & Clark College