Log Management

Get the Most Out of Event Logs

Event logs generated by security information and event management (SIEM) software provide valuable information about threats to a secure network. However, without effective log management in place, they also can be a source of problems for some security professionals, who lack the training, time or resources to effectively manage the hundreds of alerts that can be generated every day.

An overwhelming volume of event logs and alerts can lead to SIEM alert fatigue, when there are simply too many incoming alerts to respond to, leaving your secure network vulnerable to attack.

Maximize Log Management

Log Management means:

  • Receiving
  • Identifying
  • Classifying and
  • Prioritizing event logs for response.

Log Monitoring and Prioritization

It’s important to note that not all cybersecurity events are created equal, so log management helps security professionals respond to the most serious threats first and leave low-priority incidents for later investigation.

Searching logs to determine how a security event unfolded and what corrective measures were taken or should have been taken in response. By searching and researching event incident log reports in a SIEM, security professionals can improve their current security posture. In this way, search and investigation is another important aspect of log management.




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