Managed Cloud Security

Improving Your Cloud Security

Many of today’s web-based services are provided in the cloud rather than being hosted on a client’s network. Cloud computing has helped revolutionize Internet use by streamlining the delivery of and access to online information, but the technology also has created the potential for cyber criminals to gain access to your sensitive data that is stored or delivered via the cloud. Cloud-based managed security services help to protect secure data that is stored or transmitted through the cloud.

Cloud Delivery of MSSP Services

In some cases, a managed security services provider (MSSP) may be physically located on-site and conducting cybersecurity services. However, most MSSP services are delivered via the cloud through web-based and SaaS applications. Security information and event management (SIEM) software, which is used in a Security Operations Center (SOC), is commonly cloud-based, which provides convenience and ease of deployment but must be kept secure in the cloud.

Due to its wide use and unique security vulnerabilities, managed cloud security is a growing part of any cybersecurity program and must be accounted for in developing a solid security posture.






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