Security Risk Assessments

Our free MSSP Evaluation Checklist provides the questions you should be asking your current or prospective MSSP to determine if your cybersecurity posture is as solid as it could be. Download it today.

Assessing Your Exposure to Risks

The Proficio risk assessment is a custom-designed approach that combines two well-known methodologies and blends them together for use by most organizations. Our security analysts employ the OCTAVE and NIST Cybersecurity Framework guidelines to conduct a detailed analysis that quickly and accurately defines an organization’s risks.

Understanding the risks that could impact your sensitive data is an important part of any cybersecurity program. Taking a detailed look at your current security landscape and how you are set up to prevent, detect and respond to incoming threats is an important part of any cybersecurity program.

Only after you understand the real risks your secure environment faces can you begin to formulate a plan to protect it.


A Proficio security risk assessment is designed to:

  • Identify those areas that are most at risk
  • Prioritize any high-value locations that are the most susceptible to attack and
  • Protect those assets from phishing, malware, ransomware and other types of threats

“Proficio’s services helped us achieve a 24×7 security operations center, that we wouldn’t normally be able to do ourselves.”

– Trevor Dodson, Senior IT Director, Lewis & Clark College

Risk Assessment Evaluation

Download a free data sheet on how Proficio’s Vulnerability Life-Cycle Management Services can improve your organization’s cybersecurity posture.


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