Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Enterprise Security Services

Get More Out of Your Splunk

By partnering with Proficio for monitoring and management of your Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Enterprise Security instance, you have a team of Splunk experts on your side. Proficio’s global Security Operation Centers are staffed by security experts who are dedicated to Splunk infrastructure management, content creation and cyber detection and response. Adding Proficio’s services allows you to maximize the value of your Splunk, turning it into a valuable tool that provides actionable intelligence, minimizes false positives and frees up your team to concentrate on other priorities.

Splunk Services

Managed Services for Splunk

  • Team of Splunk experts to provide system administration
  • On-going system upgrades and change management services
  • Performance upgrades and patches installed, as required
  • Splunk infrastructure availability monitoring and resolution
  • Continuous monitoring of log collection and forwarders
  • Extended troubleshooting and resolution of any problem or parsing issue
  • Experts on-call for extended service needs or content creation

Security Event Monitoring and Alerting

  • 24×7 security event monitoring and alerting
  • Rapid detection and investigation of threats
  • Accurate alerts with data enrichment and recommended actions
  • High alert confidence and elimination of false positives
  • Search management optimization
  • Incident response containment and case management
  • Enhanced dashboards with drill-down capabilities

Watch Proficio’s Managed Services for Splunk Webinar

Watch CEO Brad Taylor and Splunk Evangelist Aleem Cummins discuss the advantages of partnering with Proficio for monitoring and management of your Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Enterprise Security to maximize your SIEM results.

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Splunk Managed Services for You

Do you currently own an on-premise or cloud Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Enterprise Security instance, but are overwhelmed by alerts and false positives? Are you interested in using Splunk, but your organization lacks the resources to properly run and maintain it? Regardless of how you currently use or plan to implement Splunk, Proficio can work with your team on a custom Splunk service to provide your organization with the best return on investment and optimal protection from emerging cyber threats.

Benefits of Proficio Splunk Service

Performance and Health Monitoring and Response

Proficio Monitors and Optimizes Splunk System Performance

Management of Forwarder Log Collectors

Proficio Administers and Monitors Log Parsers and Responds to Errors and Issues

Splunk Administration and Maintenance

Proficio Provides Administrative Support, Including Applying System Updates

24/7 SOC Monitoring and Alerting

Proficio Provides Security Event Monitoring, Investigation and Alerting

How Proficio Can Help

  • Avoid alert fatigue, receive only validated alerts with remediation recommendations
  • Free up your internal team with Proficio’s experts maintaining your Splunk instance
  • Leverage Proficio’s extensive use case library to catch credible threats
  • Run searches on a staggered schedule to keep your system running at optimal levels
  • Strengthen investigations with enhanced dashboards and drill-down capabilities

Proficio helps me sleep better at night.