Lewis & Clark College and Proficio

A Success Story


Lewis and Clark College chose Proficio as their MSSP so that they could have a 24×7 security operations center monitor their environment and systems, detect incidents and issues and alert them in real-time.


Due to resource contraints, both monitarily and in staffing, Lewis and Clark College was not able to either hire more analysts to monitor their environment or build their own security operations center in-house.  They decided the best course of action was to outsource their monitoring and alerting needs to an MSSP to offset costs and protect them from a potential internal threat.


By choosing to outsource their cybersecurity needs to Proficio, Lewis and Clark College was able to achieve a 24×7 security operations center (SOC), that they weren’t able to build in-house themselves.  Proficio provides Lewis and Clark College with professional security operations center alerting and monitoring, detection for incidents and issues and log management.  Lewis and Clark measures the success of Proficio’s services, by having the ability to call and get a real-time correspondent in the SOC, real-time alerting that allows them to respond to incidents as they are happening, and the dashboard gives them reporting capabilities that they did not have before.


Lewis & Clark College is a private, liberal arts university located in Portland, OR. The college educates approximately 2,000 undergraduate students in the liberal arts and sciences and 1,200 students in graduate and professional programs in education, counseling and law.


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“I feel that the on-boarding process with Proficio was the best I’ve ever seen in the 20 years I’ve been doing Information Technology work.”

– Trevor Dodson, Senior IT Director, Lewis & Clark College

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