Why Proficio

Unrivaled Threat Detection and Breach Prevention

Proficio is an award-winning provider of always-on cybersecurity protection services and a leader in the Managed Detection and Response (MDR) market. We help our customers manage complex security operations, reduce the risk of a security breach, and meet compliance mandates.

Unlike “old school” Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), we deliver highly accurate alerts with full visibility to an organization’s security posture, and we automate the response to high priority security attacks. We act as an extension of our customers’ IT security teams and protect data, applications and networks from the endpoint to the cloud.

Use our MSSP Checklist to highlight what you should expect from your service provider.

MSSP Checklist

Proficio Advantages

24x7 Extension of Your IT Security Team

We solve cybersecurity resource problems caused by the ever-changing security threat landscape, and the difficulties of hiring and retaining staff to provide 24x7 Security Operations.

Accuracy of Security Alerts

Proficio combines powerful analytics, leading SIEM technology, business context modeling, threat intelligence data, and 24x7 analyst investigations to identify and prioritize real threats to business critical assets, providing accurate, actionable intelligence.

Faster Time to Detection and Response

Proficio provides our customers with actionable alerts within minutes of a critical event. We are the only managed security service provider that offers a range of proven automated response solutions to block or respond to critical threats in real-time.

Defense Against APTs

Proficio uses advanced use cases, behavioral analytics, pattern matching, and expert investigation and hunting techniques to identify sophisticated attacks, ransomware, credential abuse, and insider threats.

Situational Awareness

Through our customized alerts, automated reporting and ProView portal, our customers achieve unrivaled visibility to their security posture. They understand who is attacking them, what types of attacks are being used, what assets are being attacked and more.

Customized Flexible Solutions

Proficio recognizes that every customer is different. We model our analytics based on your network, assets, and policies and build custom use cases, content, reports and notifications to meet your specific needs.

Hybrid SOC-as-a-Service Models

Proficio security monitoring services are offered as fully managed cloud-based solutions or as a hybrid model complementing existing SIEM implementations. We monitor and manage the widest range of security products whether located in a data center or virtualized in the cloud.