Feature Highlight: Log Search and Visualization

In security, it’s often the little details that matter. Whether it’s considering the business context of your alerts, tracking locations of attempted logins that don’t add up, or finding the needle in the haystack, knowing the details around an event is important to understanding the cause – and preventing it from happening again.

At Proficio, we pride ourselves in being an extension of our clients’ teams. Working in cybersecurity, you know the value of real-time intelligence and alert enrichment, and we want to empower our clients to have this knowledge at their fingertips. Proficio gives our clients direct access to search their logs and events through our Threat Investigator portal as a standard part of our MDR offering.

With direct access to their logs, clients can easily search through their own data to perform internal investigations. They can also use this data for reporting and statistical analysis. This depth of access is critical to many internal IT and security teams, so it has always been a core part of our offering. This is a unique benefit we provide for our clients in order to make their cybersecurity journey as successful as possible.

Today, we’re excited to share we’ve expanded this capability to allow clients to visualize that data directly in our Threat Investigator portal. With our expanded visualization capabilities, a search query can be visualized in a variety of formats with the click of a button.


Figure 1: Multiple types of visualizations are available on demand


Figure 2: An example of a bar chart in creation, highlighting suggestions, axis customization, and breakdown capabilities


Figure 3: A truncated list of potential available fields and the data preview accompanying each field

Proficio is dedicated to enabling our clients to be as successful as possible. Giving clients the power to access, search, and visualize their own logs and data is a fundamental service in that mission. If you’re interested in getting a demo, or learning more about our MDR services, contact us.

If you’re a current Proficio client and want to learn more about your visualization capabilities, please reach out to your Client Success Manager.

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