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Empower your MSP business with ProSOC® MDR

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As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), you understand the immense business risk posed by the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. Your customers face relentless compromises and breaches, necessitating a proactive and robust defense strategy.

ProSOC® MDR is more than a solution; it’s a strategic advantage, delivering unparalleled benefits. With 14 years of excellence, Proficio® invented SOC-as-a-Service, automated threat response, and deep cybersecurity intelligence. Choosing Proficio® means expertise in sophisticated threats, collaboration, and transparency. We seamlessly integrate with leading security tools, allowing joint clients to leverage their existing SIEM, EDR, and more for comprehensive MDR services. Elevate your service portfolio, strengthen customer relationships, and succeed in the evolving cybersecurity landscape. Partner with Proficio® for exceptional MDR services today.

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Empower your MSP business with ProSOC® MDR

How ProSOC® MDR Benefits MSPs and their Clients

Comprehensive Threat Protection

Delivering continuous 24/7 threat protection. We actively monitor and respond to potential threats, leveraging AI-based detection to identify advanced and zero-day threats, providing an elevated level of security for your clients.

Rapid Incident Response

ProSOC® MDR ensures rapid incident response, activating Automatic Active Defense Response actions within four minutes to contain critical attacks. Our SOC analysts and AI-generated response guidance streamline incident response for MSPs, ensuring both ease and speed.

Global SOCs Augmenting MSP Capabilities

Leverage the strength of ProSOC® MDR’s global Security Operations Centers (SOCs) to augment your capabilities. Our SOCs actively monitor and investigate alerts 24/7, providing on-call support for immediate responses to questions, incident details, or recommendations.

Easy Integration and Setup

ProSOC® MDR seamlessly integrates with diverse log sources, including network, endpoint, identity, SaaS, M365, and cloud, ensuring clear visibility. No new network sensors or agents are required, simplifying the setup process for your clients.

Precision in Detection

Experience high-fidelity detection with ProSOC® MDR’s detection analytics, correlation use cases, and threat intelligence. AI-based advanced detection analytics, driven by machine learning, enhances the ability to identify evolving threats, providing superior security for your clients.

Customizable Dashboards and Reports

Benefit from customizable dashboards highlighting detection coverage, compromise trends, root cause analysis, and more. Flexible reporting options empower you to deliver executive, compliance, and operational reviews to your customers with ease.

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Collaborative Account Management

Experience the power of collaboration with dedicated account management, ensuring a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship.

Access to Seasoned Cybersecurity Experts & Technical Resources

Get privileged access to our seasoned cybersecurity experts and technical resources to drive cybersecurity excellence through top-notch support.

Sales Enablement and Networking Events

Engage in exclusive sales enablement and networking events that empower your teams with the knowledge and connections needed for success.

Customized Go-to-Market Strategy

Benefit from a customized go-to-market strategy tailored to our unique joint value proposition. We work together to ensure a strategic approach that aligns with your business goals.


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