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Protect your business with real-time threat detection, containment, and risk-based vulnerability management for robust defense at your endpoints against cyber threats.
Fortify Your Endpoint Defenses

Proficio® delivers comprehensive endpoint protection solutions tailored to meet the dynamic cybersecurity landscape’s challenges.

With an understanding of the myriad threats facing organizations, we utilize advanced Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools and risk-based vulnerability management techniques. Through continuous monitoring, our solutions offer enhanced visibility into endpoint activities, facilitating the timely detection of malicious behavior. Automated response capabilities further bolster security by swiftly neutralizing threats at the endpoint, thus fortifying the network against potential compromises. Our holistic approach ensures that organizations can proactively safeguard their endpoints and effectively mitigate cybersecurity risks.


Endpoint Monitoring & Investigations Powered by Client EDR Tools


Endpoint Security Management


Automated Threat Containment at the Endpoint


Endpoint Security with Less Effort

Simplify Endpoint Security Administration

A top reason for breaches is that companies don’t know how many endpoints are on their network and what condition they’re in. ProSOC® MEDR is a proactive investment in continuously improving cyber-resilience by tracking, patching, and monitoring all endpoints to keep attackers out.

Early Detection of Endpoint Threats

Continuous 24/7 endpoint monitoring is challenging due to resource constraints and talent shortages. We monitor your endpoints in real-time, swiftly detecting threats and conducting thorough forensic investigations leveraging your existing EDR tools.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Preparing reports for proof of compliance is time consuming and takes time away from other tasks. Proficio® facilitates compliance by monitoring endpoints to verify software versions are up to date and patches are deployed. Our security experts conduct monthly review calls and create custom reports to help you meet and exceed internal requirements for regulatory compliance.

Endpoint Protection Made Easy

Proficio® Solutions for Endpoint Security

ProSOC® MDR for Endpoint

We ensure real-time detection of endpoint threats. We continuously monitor endpoints, searching for threat attack methods aligned with the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Upon identifying an incident, our MEDR security experts leverage your EDR solutions to conduct in-depth forensic investigations and audit the affected device.
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Active Defense for Endpoint

Harness our automated response-as-service solution, Active Defense for Endpoint, for swift isolation of your devices from your network, block malicious processes, and remove artifacts —all through a centralized console.

Risk Based Vulnerability Management

Risk Based Vulnerability Management is proactive investment in continuously improving cyber-resilience by tracking, patching, and monitoring all endpoints to keep attackers out. Risk based endpoint vulnerability scanning provides device details, location, and risk levels. Comprehensive intelligence guides effective vulnerability remediation for scalable endpoint protection and compliance.


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