24/7 Security Operations

Safeguard your organization with Proficio® SOC-as-a-Service — 24/7 cybersecurity protection, advanced SIEM technology, and compliance assurance.

24/7 Security Operations for Your Business

Proficio® is the inventor of SOC-as-a-Service.

We developed this cloud-based solution to address IT security gaps. Offering continuous detection, protection, and response, this service caters to organizations without 24/7 in-house resources. Our global SOCs provide around-the-clock event monitoring, incident management, and timely, actionable notifications. Leveraging industry-leading SIEMs and automated responses, our security experts empower you to tackle crucial security and compliance demands, mitigating data breach risks and optimizing operational costs.


Delivered by the Inventors of SOC-as-a-Service


24/7 Security Event Monitoring


No Software or Hardware Required


Addressing Challenges in IT Security

Address Global Skill Shortages

Say goodbye to challenges of having limited in-house staff and cybersecurity expertise. Our service provides access to cybersecurity professionals, eliminating the need for extensive hiring and training, elevating your defenses without any of the burden.

Affordable 24/7 Security Event Monitoring

Guard against cyber threats 24/7 without the high cost of maintaining an in-house SOC. We offer affordable continuous monitoring, investigative expertise, and actionable alerting, ensuring your organization stays secure, even outside business hours.

Advanced SIEM Technology, Minus the Complexity

Benefit from our experts and the most advanced SIEM technology without the cost and complexity of owning and administering a SIEM system. We handle administration, log monitoring, and compliance reporting, freeing your team to focus on other priorities.

Achieve Compliance Assurance

Ensure compliance with stringent industry standards like PCI, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, FFIEC, NERC CIP, and FISMA. We simplify compliance management, providing a secure and compliant IT environment tailored to your organization’s compliance requirements.

Real-time Threat Defense

Security Experts Working for You

24/7 Security Event Monitoring & Alerting

With our 24/7 Security Operations Centers (SOC) distributed strategically across the U.S., Spain, and Singapore, we provide follow-the-sun global coverage, continuous 24/7 event monitoring, analysis, and swift alerting for your security incidents.

Actionable Alerts & Recommended Remediation

We arm your team with valuable intelligence and complete visibility into your environments. Our experts meticulously log, monitor, and analyze your security events, offering actionable threat notifications and responsive breach prevention actions.

Seamless Log Collection

We collect and analyze data from hundreds of log source types including network, endpoint, identity, SaaS, M365, cloud, and more. Our log collection setup is easy, frictionless, and quick, requiring no additional network sensors or agents.

Streamlined Case Management

With seamless integration with ServiceNow® ITSM and compatibility with various third-party ticketing systems, we offer streamlined workflows and efficient case management. Directly log incidents, manage cases, and submit service requests with ease.

Strategic Insights at Your Fingertips

Access dashboards on your security incidents, trends, and detailed analytics through the ProView® Portal. Effortlessly drill down for a comparative analysis of attack types, frequency, and incidents, providing valuable context within your industry.

Threat Intelligence Amplification

Combining hundreds of correlation use cases tuned to your environment with threat intelligence and asset prioritization, we provide high-fidelity detection, minimizing false alerts. This ensures responders focus efficiently on what is important.


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