ProSOC® MDR for Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments
Ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your legal and case information.

Ensuring Confidentiality and Compliance in the Digital Legal Landscape

Being the fourth most targeted sector, cybersecurity is paramount in the legal industry.

With firms and legal departments relying more on digital solutions, safeguarding sensitive legal information is crucial. Proficio’s Managed Detection and Response Services offer law firms and corporate legal departments an affordable and reliable cybersecurity solution. With continuous monitoring, threat detection, and incident response, we ensure regulatory compliance and 24/7 protection against cyber attacks.


Expertise Without In-House Staff


24/7 Threat Monitoring & Log Analysis


AI-based Threat Hunting

Reducing the Risk of Damaging Attacks

Ensuring the Security of Confidential Legal
and Case Information

Affordable Cybersecurity Program

ProSOC® Managed Detection and Response Services (MDR) are backed by the inventors of the concept of MDR, before the term was coined. We monitor your systems 24/7 ensuring that potential security incidents are identified and addressed promptly.

< 20 min

Activate Automated Threat Response

Outside business hours, when 70% of attacks occur, firms without 24/7 response face increased vulnerability. Attackers can infiltrate systems within 8 hours post-initiation. Active Defense, our Response-as-a-Service®, is a solution for firms lacking constant response. It automates threat containment across networks, endpoints, identities, and cloud, ensuring swift 4-minute responses day and night.

< 10 min

Advanced Ransomware Protection

Law firms, with their treasure trove of confidential client data and high-sensitive case information, are prime targets for ransomware attacks. Proficio®’s behavioral analysis identifies ransomware patterns early, enabling swift intervention to prevent potential damage.

0 %
of all incidents in 2023 included ransomware. (Verizon)

Mitigate Identity-based Attacks

Leaked credentials, acquired through phishing or malware, fuel breaches. Proficio® integrates prevention and detection. combines prevention and detection. Our Cyber Exposure Monitoring scans the dark web, enabling proactive measures. ProSOC® Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) uses advanced behavior analysis to spot identity-based attacks that get past your perimeter defenses.

0 %
of cyber breaches in the law industry in 2023 stemmed from phishing emails targeting employees. (Packetlabs)

Compliance & Cyber Insurance

Mitigate Breach and Reputational Risk

Maintain Compliance

Adhering to regulatory standards is critical for protection of confidential data. We help with compliance assurance through proactive security monitoring, threat detection and response, vulnerability management, and detailed reporting.

Audit Preparedness

ProSOC® MDR ensures compliance by aligning with industry-standard security practices and your firm’s compliance requirements. Utilize Proficio® ProView® Portal for comprehensive reports and audit trails, providing documented evidence for regulatory audits.

Security Assessments

One way to determine your security posture is to perform an assessment and some cyber insurance carriers require this. Proficio® Breach and Attack Simulation Service ® simulates attacks to identify vulnerabilities and improve your incident response preparedness.


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