Lock Down Identities and Thwart Credential Abuse

Empowering proactive detection and response measures across identity, endpoint, and external threat landscapes.

Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions

Safeguarding User Identities

Identities are vital to control and secure user access to information systems. They’re also a favorite target for threat actors. Threat actors employ tactics like phishing, brute force attacks, and credential stuffing to steal your users’ credentials, and use them as tools to gain unauthorized access, leverage in ransomware attacks and to gain a foothold on your network and forge a path to your most lucrative assets.

Proficio delivers a portfolio of advanced threat detection and response cybersecurity services to safeguard users’ identities and credentials from compromise whether on the identity layer, endpoint or dark web, so IT teams can refocus and support key business initiatives.


24/7 Monitoring of Perimeter, Endpoint and External Threat Surfaces


Automated Containment of Identity-Based Threats

Halt Ransomware

Block Exfiltration of Credentials


Level Up Your Identity Detection
and Response Strategy

Proactive Defense of Your IAM Infrastructure

Managed identity detection and response services help your security team proactively identify potential identity-based threats or compromises inside your Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform, such as Microsoft Entra ID, and at the endpoint.

Rapidly Contain Identity-Based Threats

Utilizing your current security technologies across perimeters, endpoints, and identities, Proficio launches automated or semi-automated responses to high-impact identity – based threats. Immediate containment of suspicious activity enables our expert security operations center analysts to rapidly investigate and address threats, effectively mitigating potential damage to your organization.

Keeping an Eye on Your Entire Attack Surface

Cyber exposure monitoring services continuously monitor your external threat exposure. It scours the dark web to identify any instances of customers’ user identities or credentials being offered up on the dark web marketplace and more. This proactive approach provides insight into your external threat exposure and detects potential threats. Empowered with actionable CEM reports, customers can promptly disable access, investigate breaches and fortify their cybersecurity defenses.

Shut Down Identity-Based Threats

Block Credential Abuse and Ransomware Progression

Proficio's Active Defense: Empowering Rapid Threat Response

Proficio’s automated response solution, Active Defense, enables the swift threat response capabilities of ProSOC® ITDR and ProSOC® MDR to enable real-time containment of validated malicious threats automatically or semi-automatically at the push of a button. With ProSOC ITDR, threats on the identity layer are quickly isolated, thwarting phishing campaigns, credential abuse, and ransomware. Active Defense features in ProSOC MDR, MDR for Splunk and MDR for Sentinel synchronize with your EDR platform, launching endpoint isolation or blocking IP addresses to cut off credential exfiltration on the endpoint.

Automatic and Timely Detection Rule Updates

Threat actors TTPs are ever evolving. Proficio is constantly integrating and refining identity threat detection rules to prevent threats from bypassing defenses. By automatically updating detection rules instead of relying on manual updates, it ensures a seamless defense of your IAM infrastructure. This proactive approach continually safeguards your identities and credentials from potential security threats and effectively closes any gaps in the process.


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