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Proficio® Technology Partnerships

Empowering Businesses with MDR Services through Strategic Technology Partner Collaborations

We believe in delivering exceptional Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services by seamlessly integrating with the industry’s leading security tools.

Our strategic technology partnerships enable our joint customers to harness the power of SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response), and other security tools as part of our comprehensive MDR services. By choosing Proficio®, businesses can consume these tools effortlessly, without the need for in-house expertise and extensive hiring and training. We provide 24/7 security monitoring, advanced threat detection, automated threat response-as-a-service, and proactive cybersecurity services to optimize your investments in your existing security tools.


MDR Powered by Leading SIEM & EDR Tools

Comprehensive MDR Services

24/7 Vigilance and Proactive Cybersecurity

Simplified Security Management

No Need for Extensive Hiring or In-House Expertise


Featured Technology Partners

Empowering Microsoft clients by integrating their Microsoft Sentinel SIEM with ProSOC MDR for Microsoft. Our comprehensive solution ensures 24/7 Security Monitoring, Advanced Threat Detection, Automated Threat Response, and expertly managed SIEM services, coupled with implementation support.

Empowering clients with Splunk® Cloud and Splunk® Enterprise SIEM by seamlessly integrating their SIEM with our ProSOC MDR for Splunk service. This offering includes 24/7 Security Monitoring, Advanced Threat Detection, Automated Threat Response, and expertly managed SIEM services, coupled with implementation support.


As a Level 1 AWS MSSP, we ensure 24/7 security for AWS infrastructure with global SOC monitoring. Our services include MDR for AWS Endpoints, Vulnerability Scanning, Compliance Monitoring, and Asset Inventory Visibility, along with DDoS Mitigation, managed WAF, and IPS for a comprehensive security suite.

Leveraging the Elastic stack, we empower ProSOC MDR clients with 24/7 threat detection, response, and scalable cloud-based log storage. Our comprehensive solutions enable swift threat investigations through fast search capabilities, ensuring a responsive and effective cybersecurity approach.

Proficio utilizes the Cyber Intelligence House’s cyber threat database to provide Cyber Exposure Monitoring Services. These proactive value-add cybersecurity services, help organizations stay ahead of cyber threats, safeguard their confidential information, and maintain robust cybersecurity postures.

The Collaborative Approach

Discover the Proficio® Advantage through Strategic Technology Partnerships

Simplified MDR Services

Our collaborative efforts with leading technology partners provide clients with a simplified approach to security management. Clients can leverage the capabilities of their client-owned SIEM, EDR tool, and other security tools without the need to maintain an internal Security Operations Center (SOC) for 24/7 monitoring, advanced threat detection, and  rapid response.

Comprehensive MDR Services

Proficio’s MDR services encompass 24/7 security monitoring, advanced threat detection, rapid response, and proactive value-added solutions. Through our technology partnerships, we extend these capabilities seamlessly, offering clients a holistic security solution that fortifies their business ecosystems and maximizes their existing security tool investments.

Partner with Proficio®

Unlock Partnership Benefits

Account Management and Co-Selling

We value collaboration and communication. When you partner with Proficio®, you will benefit from dedicated account management to ensure cybersecurity excellence for you and your clients.

Collaborative Selling Approach

Participate in a collaborative selling approach that emphasizes the combined benefits of your product licenses and our MDR services, highlighting the value proposition for customers.

Access to Field Sellers and Technical Resources

Partners gain privileged access to our field sellers and technical resources, ensuring collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships.

Customer Education

Jointly develop educational materials and training sessions to enhance customer understanding of the integrated solution, showcasing the advantages of incorporating our MDR services alongside your product license purchases.

Customized Go-to-Market Strategy

Benefit from a customized go-to-market strategy tailored to our unique better together story. We work together to ensure a strategic alignment between your product license sales and our MDR services to create a cohesive and comprehensive offering for our joint clients.

Joint Marketing Initiatives

Join forces with us for joint marketing activities to amplify the visibility of our integrated solution, targeting key customer segments and effectively communicating the value of our co-selling approach.

Featured Technology Partners


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