How to Optimize Your Microsoft Security to Build a Custom Security Program

Watch this ondemand webinar, hosted by Proficio in partnership with Redmond Magazine, to learn and see how to optimize your Microsoft Security investments and leverage advanced cybersecurity to develop a custom security program to fortify your organization against cyberattacks without overtaxing your resources.

Viktor Golub and Nicholas Gibson of Proficio explain how to:

      Maximize the value of the E5-bundled security and Sentinel investments.

      Bridge the gap between out-of-the-box Microsoft Security features and your unique requirements for comprehensive security.

      Enhancing detection and response to advanced threats leveraging AI and machine learning.

      Strategies to overcome challenges that can limit the effectiveness of cyber defense.

      Techniques for optimizing data ingestion, streamlining data flow operations, and reducing manual threat hunting to enhance overall efficiency.


Session Hosts:

Viktor Golub, Global Lead, Microsoft Sentinel Services, Proficio

Nicholas Gibson, Pre-Sales Solution Engineer, Proficio

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