ProSOC® Security Device Management

Maintaining the health of your security devices to better protect your organization.
Expert Security Device Management

For many Proficio® services, there is a technology component that needs to be managed. We offer managed services to off-load this task from your team, so you can focus on other priorities. 

Services are delivered through our SOCs and operate on a 24/7 basis to ensure that your devices are maintained efficiently and there’s a team always ready to assist. We utilize a standard set of ITIL–aligned processes and deliverables to maintain the underlying technology using the vendors’ recommended best practices for performance, availability, capacity, release, service request, and incident management.


Continuous Monitoring of Security Devices


Access to Device Experts


Streamlined Approach


Optimizing Security Device Performance and Reliability

Continuous Tuning and Performance Monitoring

Proficio’s 24/7 monitoring service staffed by device experts keeps your security devices tuned and operating at maximum efficiency without any performance degradation. As conditions and usage patterns change, our experts’ tune your devices accordingly.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Achieving regulatory compliance is a demanding task for any team. We aid in maintaining compliance by continuously monitoring devices, ensuring software versions and patches align. Our experts conduct monthly review calls and create custom reports to help meet internal regulatory requirements.

Security Device Experts On Call

Secure your complex IT infrastructure with expert support. Inadequate resources may lead to misprovisioning and lack of crucial updates. Augment your team with our device management experts for continuous risk analysis and recommendations to fortify your organization’s defenses.


Empowering Security with Security Device Management

Achieve Proactive Security Insights with Managed SIEM

Unlock the power of real-time security insights through Proficio®’s Managed SIEM services. We meticulously manage log collection and storage, ensuring the health of your infrastructure and seamless compliance with your retention policies.

Fortify Your Network with Managed Firewall

Elevate your network’s defense with Proficio®’s Managed Firewall services. We optimize firewall appliances, guaranteeing their adherence to best practices. Experience robust infrastructure health and the full potential of next-gen firewalls, precisely tailored to your security.

Enhance Threat Detection with Managed IDS / IPS

Rely on us for comprehensive threat detection with Managed IDS/IPS. We ensure the peak performance of standalone appliances or next-gen firewall functions, following industry best practices. Benefit from our commitment to delivering standard ITIL-aligned outcomes.

Maximize Web Security with Managed Content Filtering

Experience peak web security with Proficio®’s Managed Content Filtering. We optimize web gateway appliances and cloud-based solutions, aligning with vendor-recommended best practices. Our service, enriched with standard ITIL-aligned deliverables, ensures your digital environment stays secure.


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