ProSOC® MDR Services for Financial Services
Enhance cybersecurity resilience in financial services with ProSOC® MDR. Defend against ransomware, secure digital transformation, and ensure 24/7 proactive threat detection and response.
Protect Your Assets from Cyber Risks 24/7

Financial Services security teams must defend against constant attacks — from ransomware to identity compromise to cloud and API security. Regular cyberattacks can create “Whac-A-Mole” situations for security analysts where one event is remediated only to discover another.

ProSOC® Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services provide layered defense, combining advanced technologies, including AI and machine learning (ML), with human expertise and investigation, and threat intelligence. As criminal teams become more sophisticated and resourced, we can help you fill talent gaps and extend the expertise of your security team.

Cybersecurity Vigilance

24/7 Security Monitoring

Ransomware Protection

Streamlined Cyber Resilience

Expertise and Guidance

Address Cyber Talent Gaps


Prioritize Cybersecurity to Build Credibility and Trust

Safeguard Against Ransomware Attacks

Our surveillance safeguards against ransomware by tracing identity threats to their source. ProSOC® Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) deploys a layered defense using advanced technologies for real-time monitoring to neutralize threats. We combine human-led investigations and technology to fortify against identity and credential compromise, stop lateral movement, and counter ransomware attacks.

Increase Resilience as Attacks Evolve

Proficio’s ThreatInsight® risk score applies a patent pending algorithm to quantify risk by evaluating the effective coverage of your security controls based on the Cyber Kill Chain® and today’s threat landscape. You get automatic recommendations on how to improve overall security posture and learn how your score compares to your industry peers.

Enable Secure Digital Transformation Initiatives

Open banking ecosystems provide consumers with new capabilities, but they also attract attackers who’ve become proficient at beating legacy API systems. Proficio® integrates data from Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solutions to enable threat detection and protect against data leakage to help ensure regulatory compliance and protect against threats.


Extend Coverage with 24/7 Proactive Detection and Response

Timely Response, No Matter What Time Events Happen

With 70% of attacks occurring after business hours and the ability for bad actors to progress from initial compromise to goal in as little as eight hours, there’s no time to sleep. ProSOC® MDR with Active Defense, a Response-as-a-Service® solution, offers swift containment measures, acting in 4 minutes or less, to stop threat escalation, minimizing your risk of a devastating breach.

Increase Visibility for Full Threat Remediation

When a security incident occurs, lack of visibility hampers incident investigation and forensic analysis. This makes it hard to reveal the full scope of the attack to take appropriate actions to prevent future occurrences. Without performing incident remediation to change controls, firms get stuck in a vicious cycle of recurring threats – contributing to alert fatigue.

Targeted Attack Detection

You’re using advanced technology for product innovation. We use it to stop threats. We use ML and threat hunting models to identify suspicious behaviors and targeted attacks. AI-based detection algorithms with behavioral indicators, along with human experts, enable fast, accurate detection of attacks, compromise, and policy violations in your environment.


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