ProSOC® MDR Services for Manufacturing
Helping manufacturers strengthen their cybersecurity defenses, maintain operational continuity, and protect critical assets from a constantly evolving threat landscape.

Operational Continuity, Without Disruption

Strengthen your cybersecurity defenses, maintain operational continuity, and protect your critical assets with ProSOC® MDR services. 

Secure your manufacturing operations with our portfolio of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services. The industry, a prime target for cyber threats, faces risks due to digitalization and IoT. According to Orange Cyberdefense, manufacturing tops cyber extortion targets, comprising 20% of all campaigns. The convergence of IT and OT demands a comprehensive cybersecurity approach. Proficio®’s managed cybersecurity services defend against evolving threats, ensuring the integrity and availability of your manufacturing processes.

Cybersecurity Vigilance

24/7 Security Monitoring

Ransomware Protection

Streamlined Cyber Resilience

Expertise and Guidance

Address Cyber Talent Gaps


Maintain the Integrity of Your Manufacturing Operations

Targeted Attack Detection

In 2023, the manufacturing sector topped global cyber extortion targeting, comprising 20% of attacks (Orange Cyberdefense). Don’t be a victim – our Defense in Depth strategy, with narrow-band and broad-band methods, enhances detection and visibility at perimeters, endpoints, and the cloud. With AI-driven threat hunting, integrated intelligence, and business context modeling, we detect active risks like ransomware precursors and high-priority threats.

of surveyed manufacturers fell
victim to ransomware in Q1 2023
10 %

(Source: Sophos)

Mean Time to Contain
< 20 Min

Rapid Containment of Threats in Under 4 Minutes

Outside business hours, when 70% of attacks occur, businesses without 24/7 response face increased vulnerability. Attackers can infiltrate systems within eight hours post-initiation. Active Defense, our Response-as-a-Service®, is a solution for businesses lacking constant response. It automates threat containment across networks, endpoints, identities, and cloud, ensuring swift four minute responses day and night.

24/7 Monitoring: Because Cybercriminals Don’t Sleep

Worried about threats when no one’s watching? Our SOC notes 70% of attacks occur outside of business hours. Proficio® acts as your ever-ready cyber-response team with 24/7 monitoring, investigative expertise, and swift response, ensuring constant security for your digital environment.
Mean Time to Detect
< 20 Min
of breaches involved a
human element in 2023.
20 %

(Source: Verizon)

Mitigate Identity-based Attacks

Leaked credentials, acquired through phishing or malware, fuel breaches by enabling unauthorized access and subsequent attacks. Proficio® combines prevention and detection. Our Cyber Exposure Monitoring scans the Dark Web for credentials, enabling proactive responses. While ProSOC® Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) uses advanced behavior analysis to spot anomalies and identity-based attacks.


Threats Continue to Evolve.
So Must Your Security Posture.

Simplify Security Program Management

Manufacturers use a variety of security tools. Switching between them can cause a loss of context—and that’s when mistakes happen. ProSOC® MDR services help you integrate and unite your efforts with a centralized approach that expands visibility, ranks and prioritizes risks, improves accuracy in threat detection, and builds playbooks to guide response and remediation.

Ransomware Protection

A data breach is typically a complex event, involving multiple factors and stages. It often begins with the exploitation of a vulnerability, such as a weak password or an unpatched software flaw. Increasing complexity of manufacturing networks can make managing vulnerabilities across this diverse landscape challenging. Proficio® Risk-based Vulnerability Management (RBVM) assists in identifying and prioritizing patching of vulnerabilities, reducing the risk of exploitation by cyber adversaries.

Board-Level Security Maturity

Dashboards visualize the source and types of cyberattacks affecting your business with industry peer group comparisons of overall risk, incident trends, and unique data sources. See a summary of your security environment and overall health or drill into incidents to review alerts by volume, type, and category. Easily answer board-level questions on threats and cyber risks.


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