Improve Mean Time to Detect and Reduce False Positives

Enhance cyber resilience with Proficio® MDR services. Combat alert overload, reduce false positives, and boost your cybersecurity operations.

Rapid Threat Detection, Precision in Alerts, and Tailored Solutions to Improve MTTD

70% of cyber attacks occur during non-business hours – putting your data and compliance at risk.

Proficio® emerges as a reliable ally in the cybersecurity landscape, excelling in reducing Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and minimizing false positives. Leveraging advanced threat analysis, contextual prioritization, and continuous monitoring, Proficio’s strategic approach accelerates threat discovery while significantly decreasing false positives. Our tailored solutions not only strengthen an organization’s cyber defenses but also translate to tangible benefits – from enhanced operational resilience to fortified customer trust, positioning businesses at the forefront of proactive cybersecurity.


Revolutionizing Analysis for Swift Detection


Contextual Ranking for Precision Response


Continuous Monitoring & Adaptation

Proficio’s Multi-faceted Approach

Solutions for Improving MTTD & Reducing False Positive

Efficient Threat Discovery

Unleash robust threat discovery through our meticulous analysis of security events, skillfully integrated with insights from critical logs and threat intelligence data, ensures proactive identification of threats, shielding your organization from evolving threats.

Contextual Prioritization

Through meticulous evaluation of multifaceted risk factors, including the significance of assets and intricacies of security controls, we strategically prioritize events based on their severity. This tailored approach ensures focused responses to critical threats.

Advanced Analysis Techniques

Our Security Analysts use sophisticated methods, leveraging the MITRE ATT&CK framework and AI-based threat models for thorough threat hunting. This ensures a comprehensive investigation into suspicious behavior, providing robust defense against evolving cyber threats.

Threat Intelligence Enrichment

Fortify defenses with Proficio’s Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP). Enriching log data, it adds vital context to alerts, enhancing threat detection accuracy. Seamlessly integrated into your SIEM, this enriched threat data empowers your cybersecurity infrastructure.

Diverse Threat Feed Integration

Our ProSOC® MDR services incorporate a wide range of open-source threat intelligence data feeds. Tailor your defense further by adding bespoke commercial or industry-specific data, providing a customized and robust approach to your unique security requirements.

Continuous Monitoring and Adaptation

Stay steps ahead with our vigilant Threat Intelligence Team. Dedicated to monitoring the dynamic threat landscape, we detect new vectors, vulnerabilities, and cybercriminal behaviors, ensuring proactive adaptation to emerging threats, ensuring a resilient defense.

Empowering ProSOC® MDR

Proficio’s Threat Management Platform is the driving force behind ProSOC® MDR, addressing the cybersecurity challenges of tomorrow. Merging cutting-edge commercial technology with millions of lines of Proficio’s proprietary software, our platform is your ultimate solution for comprehensive threat management.


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