ProSOC® Identity Threat Detection and Response

Rapidly Detect and Neutralize Identity Attacks

Strengthen Identities and Response With ProSOC® ITDR

As an extension of our MDR service, ProSOC® Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) service combines human-led investigations and advanced technology to fortify against identity and credential compromise and abuse, stop lateral movement, and counter ransomware attacks. Prioritizing user identity security, ProSOC® ITDR ensures your organization maintains a resilient shield in the face of identity attacks.


Advanced Detection of Identity-based Threats


Automated Response Capabilities


Reduced Risk of Ransomware Attacks


Secure Identities and Access at Scale

24/7 Cyber Defense

Our expert SOC analysts watch over your network perimeter 24/7 attuned to your Identity Access Management infrastructure. Equipped with continuous monitoring and investigative power built to shield access points from compromise, we fortify a robust, identity-centric barrier against credential theft, account hijacking, and ransomware attacks.

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By integrating machine learning, statistical modeling, device telemetry, and global threat research, we spot account takeovers, privilege misuse, and lateral movement. Utilize the intuitive ProView® Portal for insights aligned with the MITRE ATT&CK framework, along with access to identity and access risk-related alerts, trends, and security incidents.

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Protection of Multiple IAM Platforms

ProSOC® ITDR integrates with IAM solutions for threat detection within your IAM infrastructure. Leveraging identity-focused threat discovery use cases, we analyze events from Microsoft 365, SharePoint, VPNs, Windows, and Microsoft Entra ID, along with security tools like Microsoft Defender for Cloud to identify anomalies and user activities that indicate potential identity-based attacks.

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Detect and Disrupt Identity Threats

Blending Human Expertise with Technical Excellence

ProSOC® ITDR deploys a layered defense using advanced technologies for real-time monitoring to neutralize threats like credential theft. Simultaneously, our cybersecurity team ensures swift responses, minimizing identity compromise and lateral movement risk.

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of studied incidents involving human-operated ransomware also relied on stolen credentials for network access or lateral movement, enabling the broader attacks.
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Source: Anomali “Ransomware:
The True Cost of Paying Threat Actors

Automated Response Capabilities

Upon identifying a high-fidelity threat, Proficio’s automated Response-as-Service solution, Active Defense, takes swift action by suspending or resetting a user account for one or multiple applications. Active Defense offers the flexibility of both automated and semi-automated functions, empowering responders to validate threats via our ServiceNow portal before initiating account suspension.

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Reduced Risk of a Ransomware Attack

Our relentless surveillance safeguards against ransomware by tracing identity threats to their source. Leveraging dedicated identity telemetry and advanced behavioral analytics reinforced by human analysis, we swiftly intercept credential theft, privilege escalation, and lateral movement attempts. This combination of human expertise and technology cuts off emerging dangers at the root, disarming enemies targeting credentials for ransomware deployment before they breach past perimeter defenses.

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~1 in 5

data breach incidents worldwide involve identity theft, enabling ransomware and other attacks.

Source: Tessian 2022 Data Loss Benchmark Report


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