ProSOC® MDR for Endpoint

Real-time protection for your network’s most vulnerable entry points.

Know the Current State of Every Endpoint in Real-Time

Endpoints (devices) are your most vulnerable network targets and the most appealing for threat actors. In the age of remote working and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, you’re continuously adding new endpoints to your network, adding to the volume of log data and alerts.

ProSOC® Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (MEDR), an advanced level of MDR, helps prevent attackers from gaining unauthorized access to corporate endpoints. If an endpoint is compromised, you’ll know right away. Our comprehensive real-time dashboards bring 360⁰ visibility. Automatic quarantine with remediation advice and investigation helps stop an intrusion before damage is done.


24/7 Endpoint Monitoring & Hunting


Endpoint Security Management


Investigations Powered by Client EDR Tools


Comprehensive Endpoint Security with Less Effort

Reduce the Number of Unknown Endpoints

A top reason for breaches is that companies don’t know how many endpoints are on their network and what condition they’re in. ProSOC® MEDR is a proactive investment in continuously improving cyber-resilience by tracking, patching, and monitoring all endpoints to keep attackers out.

Effortless Endpoint Security Administration

Simplify endpoint security with Profico’s ITIL-aligned service management. Our approach keeps technologies current and optimized. With user-friendly dashboards, you benefit from continuous visibility into endpoints’ status. As your network grows, our team swiftly deploys new EDR agents, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Endpoints are monitored by Proficio® to ensure software versions and patches are in compliance. Our EDR experts hold monthly review calls and can build custom reports to assist you in meeting internal requirements for regulatory compliance.


EDR Expertise for Cyber-Resilience

Early Detection of Endpoint Threats

We ensure real-time detection of endpoint threats. We continuously monitor endpoints, searching for threat attack methods aligned with the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Upon identifying an incident, our MEDR security experts leverage your EDR solutions to conduct in-depth forensic investigations and audit the affected device.

Operationalized Protection

A vulnerability management strategy that addresses all the endpoints in your business is critical for a strong security program. This includes an inventory and tracking process for visibility, remediation prioritized by criticality, and the ability to automate patch management where feasible. MEDR provides a centralized platform to simplify the growing complexity.

Swift Response to Threats

Automated response capabilities are provided via our Active Defense Response technology to automatically contain threats and block cybercriminals from access. It enables the isolation of devices from the network, blocks malicious processes, and removes artifacts—all through a centralized console. That’s the real-time responsiveness of MEDR.


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