Proficio® Cyber Exposure Monitoring

Comprehensive monitoring of your external threat exposure to mitigate risk and keep your sensitive information safe.
Unprecedented Visibility and Threat Protection

Proficio® Cyber Exposure Monitoring (CEM) service takes external exposure detection further for complete visibility and threat protection. 

By combining Digital Risk Monitoring (DRM), External Attack Surface Management (EASM), and Dark Web Monitoring, Proficio® provides continuous external threat monitoring that enables real-time visibility into confidential data exposure, compromised credentials, leaked data on the Dark Web, Deep Web and more. By uncovering external threats, you gain the insight needed to understand and improve your security posture as well as preemptively respond to emerging external cyber threats before they take root.


24/7 Monitoring of Your External Threat Exposure


Exposed Assets on the Dark Web


Contextual Threat Intelligence


Proactively Eliminate External Threats

Early Detection of External Threats

Proficio® Cyber Exposure Monitoring monitors an organization’s external digital footprint, including supply chain and third-party ecosystems, across seven critical exposure risk areas in real-time. This proactive approach quickly detects exposed confidential information, empowering effective responses to cyber exposure threats.

Reduce MTTD and MTTR

We deliver contextual threat intelligence, empowering organizations to proactively prevent or mitigate cyberattacks and eradicate external threats. Our instantly actionable intelligence enables clients to promptly address both external and internal attack vectors, reducing their Mean Time To Detect (MTTD) and Remediate (MTTR) effectively.

Protection from the Dark Web

Safeguarding customer and employee data is a business imperative. Proactive measures are crucial to mitigate the risk of exposure on the Dark Web. Proficio’s CEM service monitors the Dark Web’s depths for leaked information. With CEM, businesses can confidently ensure the protection of sensitive data, reinforcing their commitment to privacy and security.

Enhanced External Threat Monitoring

Bolstering Defenses with Proficio® CEM Services

The Proficio® CEM Lifecycle

Proficio’s CEM lifecycle involves five stages: identify assets, detect vulnerabilities, analyze and prioritize risks, remediate issues, and measure success. This continuous process culminates in an insightful report for informed decision-making.

Dark Web Data Surveillance

Proficio’s CEM service searches for any attributable customer data on the dark web. Our data sources utilize sophisticated algorithms to go beyond the basic domain-based credential leaks and public IP exposure. Data such as company, employee, or even customer references can be found on the Dark Web and reported on by our Interpol-trusted sources.

Cyber Exposure Reports

Proficio® CEM service offers continuous, monthly, or on-demand reports containing leaked information and risks posed to your business. For each type of alert, we provide contextual threat intelligence, response recommendations, and remediation details to kick-start the recovery process.


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