Active Defense For ProSOC® MDR

ProSOC® MDR’s Response-as-a-Service solution automates responses—blocking and containing threats across perimeter, cloud, endpoint, and identity.
Fast, Automated Response to Credible Threats

ProSOC’s findings reveal that 70% of attacks take place after business hours. 

With skilled attackers striving to meet their objectives within eight hours, responders must take action within the first hour to contain a threat. In cases where teams can’t respond within 30 minutes of threat detection, Active Defense for ProSOC® MDR becomes imperative.

This response-as-a-service solution seamlessly integrates with ProSOC® MDR, providing SOAR capabilities to automate responses, swiftly blocking attacks and containing compromises across networks, endpoints, identities, and cloud environments in four minutes or less.


<4 Minutes Mean Time to Respond (MTTR)


Integrates Seamlessly with Client’s Security Tools


Create Custom Response Playbooks Collaboratively


Faster Response to Credible Threats

Many organizations get caught up in manual processes, slowing down response times for critical security events. See the difference in the numbers:

Without Automated

~ 1 Days

With Automated

< 20 Min

How it works

ProSOC Active Defense Response

Comprehensive Threat Containment

Stop Threats Across Your IT Environment

Fortify Your Network Perimeters with Active Defense for Perimeter

Active Defense for Perimeter acts as an autonomous shield, securing network perimeters. Seamlessly integrating with your next-gen firewalls, it automatically blocks malicious hosts or IP ranges upon detecting suspicious activity and efficiently unblocks when necessary.

Fortify Your Cloud with Active Defense for Cloud

Active Defense for Cloud secures your entire cloud ecosystem by seamlessly integrating with your existing Web Application Firewalls. It effectively blocks malicious traffic, IP intrusions, and identifies suspicious patterns for enhanced protection.

Fortify Your Endpoints with Active Defense for Endpoint

Active Defense for Endpoint strengthens your endpoint defenses by seamlessly integrating with your existing EDR tools. It effectively blocks malicious IPs, isolates compromised endpoints, and suspends accounts to proactively prevent breaches.

Fortify Your Identities with Active Defense for Identity

In today’s threat landscape, identities are prime targets for cyber attacks. Active Defense for Identity seamlessly integrates with your existing IAM tools, automating responses by swiftly suspending or resetting user accounts upon threat detection.


Tailored Responses, Insights, Proactive Security

Automated Responses to Fit Your Needs

We collaborate with you to build custom SOAR playbooks during onboarding. From modifying firewall rules to blocking network traffic and quarantining hosts, the possibilities are tailored to your needs.

Gain Insights Through Active Defense Dashboard

Gain valuable insights with the Active Defense Executive Dashboard, available through ProView® Portal providing comprehensive data on block totals, trends, and the origin country of the traffic that triggered the block.

Boost Business Resilience with Proactive Defense

Active Defense for ProSOC® MDR goes beyond SOAR, conducting in-depth threat analysis. It proactively blocks new attackers via threat hunting, AI, and ML, enhancing adaptability for proactive defense against emerging threats.

Enhanced Defenses

Maximize the Value of Your Existing Security Tools

Chances are you’ve made substantial investments in your security tool stack. Our Active Defense Response-as-a-Service solution maximizes the value of your existing investments in EDR, NGFW, IAM, web application firewall, and network firewalls. It unlocks SOAR capabilities upon threat detection, providing added value to your IT tool investments.


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