Managed Detection
and Response

24/7 security monitoring with our SOC-as-a-Service for swift threat detection, analysis, and expert-driven response.
Unparalleled Front-line Defense with ProSOC®MDR

In the face of ever-evolving cyber threats, Proficio® advances the global mission of MDR with our flagship service, ProSOC® MDR.

We provide your business with remotely delivered SOC-as-a-Service coupled with 24/7 security monitoring, ensuring swift detection, analysis, investigation, and expert-driven response using threat disruption and containment. Seamlessly integrating with your technology stack, we fortify cybersecurity resilience across your endpoints, network, identities, and cloud environments, ensuring a comprehensive security solution for your business.


24/7 Monitoring & SOC-as-a-Service


Containing Threats in Under 4 Minutes


Hosted-SIEM with Support for 350+ Log Sources and Security Tools


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Oversight of Collection, Forwarding, Storage, and Search

Proficio's Log Management ensures seamless and efficient handling of your logs, providing a comprehensive solution for all your logging needs.

Unleashing Intelligent Security Insights

Through the collection of client security logs and events, our hosted SIEM generates security alerts based on Proficio Content. Built for resilience, high availability, and rapid scalability, it adapts seamlessly to meet client demands.

Providing Efficiency in Threat Detection

Machine learning is leveraged to rapidly and automatically reduce false positives, discover targeted or anomalous threats, and initiate threat hunting activity.

Contextualizing Threats for Precise Detection

Enriching log data and providing context to alert notifications, our Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) also ensures accurate threat detection by correlating threat data with other log information.

Next-Gen Platform for Real-time Alert Enhancement

By leveraging a next-generation SOAR platform, we enhance alerts in real-time with SOAR playbooks. Enrichments include reputation analysis of multiple alert factors, malware analysis of binaries, non-attributable correlation with other alerts, public records correlation, and more.

Maximizing Alert Precision with Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence adds processing and sorting of information to produce accurate, timely and comprehensive alerts. Additionally, it enriches log data offering vital context to enhance alert notifications.

MITRE ATT&CK Framework in Action

Using the MITRE ATT&CK Framework, our analysts analyze attacks as a set of behaviors, enabling faster response and staying ahead of adversaries.

Guided Remediation at Your Fingertips

Valid threats or risks are forwarded to the client with summarized guided remediation, ensuring swift and effective response.

Rapid Containment for High-Priority Threats

Proficio offers the option of automating the response to high priority threats by adding Active Defense Response to your ProSOC® MDR Service, enabling containment of threats in less than 4 minutes.

Threat Lifecycle Management at Your Fingertips

Manage the threat lifecycle with metrics, measurements, event tracking, and incident management.

Streamlined Incident Handling

Incident alerts are managed through Proficio's ticketing system (ServiceNow), providing a streamlined process for investigation and resolution.

Leverage our ProView Portal for unparalleled insights into operational metrics, security posture, emerging threats, log searches, and attack patterns.

Keep your business partners and board members informed with our comprehensive, concise board-ready reports summarizing security posture, risk, incidents, and response.

ProSOC® Collector Virtual Machine 

Harnessing the power of a next-generation SIEM solution, Proficio® seamlessly receives and processes logs and events from the client environment.

Leveraging API services, we ensure secure and efficient collection of log and event data, with strictly limited access for remote retrieval from client services and infrastructure.

Your Dedicated Cybersecurity Partner

Optimize Your Security Operations

Address Global Skill Shortages

Navigating the cybersecurity landscape can be daunting, especially with a global shortage of skilled cyber professionals. A staggering 80% of organizations worldwide attribute breaches to this scarcity. Proficio® is your dedicated cybersecurity partner providing round-the-clock defense against evolving threats.

Learn more about 24/7 security operations

Offload Configuration Complexity

Configuring your SIEM and parsers for log collection from defined sources is complex. Resource constraints may hinder effective management of log infrastructure. ProSOC® MDR streamlines SIEM configuration, enabling efficient resource allocation for your team, and addressing complexities in log collection and storage.

Download the ProSOC® MDR datasheet

Combat Alert Fatigue

Security analysts fear missing critical security events amid overwhelming alerts, many of which are false positives. ProSOC® MDR simplifies the management of alerts by suppressing unnecessary alerts, reducing the noise and enhancing threat detection, boosting your team’s confidence in identifying true security events.

Learn how we reduce false positives

Always On, Anytime, Anywhere

24/7 SOC-as-a-Service

Bridge Gaps in Security Monitoring

Worried about threats when no one’s watching? It’s a valid concern; our SOC notes 70% of attacks occur outside of business hours. ProSOC MDR acts as your ever-ready cyber-response team with 24/7 monitoring, investigative expertise, and swift response, ensuring constant security for your digital assets.

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0 %
of attacks occur outside of business hours

Rapidly Contain Threats in Under 4 Minutes

Envision a world where all threats are contained with lightning speed—we make this a reality. Our Active Defense, an Automated Response-as-a-Service, automates threat containment across your network, endpoints, identities, and cloud, enabling real-time threat containment in under 4 minutes.

Learn about Active Defense Response

< 10 min

Reduce Mean Time to Detect (MTTD)

Utilizing machine learning, behavioral analytics, and threat intelligence enrichment, ProSOC® MDR detects threats in less than 11 minutes.

Learn more about improving MTTD

< 30 min

Elevating Transparency, Simplifying Compliance

Meet Industry and Compliance Demands

Insightful Dashboards for Company Boards

As cyber threats evolve, company boards bear the increasing responsibility for cybersecurity. ProSOC® MDR streamlines this process by actively engaging boards through timely and precise cybersecurity reports. Recognizing the vital role of transparency, we articulate your organization’s posture, risks, incidents, and responses.

Learn about reporting and business intelligence

Showcase B2B Partner Cybersecurity Assurance

For B2B companies, cybersecurity strength is only as robust as the weakest link in the supply chain. ProSOC® MDR enables your organization to not only meet the cybersecurity standards set by your business partners, but to demonstrate clear alignment with partner expectations.

Qualify for Cyber Insurance with Confidence

Cyber insurance coverage relies on meeting specific criteria, including regular monitoring and threat detection. ProSOC® MDR ensures organizations exceed these critical requirements, positioning you to confidently qualify for comprehensive cyber insurance coverage.

Stay Ahead of Evolving Threats with Proactive Cybersecurity

Fortify Your Defenses

Make Known Threats a Thing of the Past

We ensure that known threats become relics of the past. When a security incident arises, we offer unparalleled visibility, providing the tools for thorough investigation and swift remediation. Explore the ProSOC® Threat Investigator Portal for real-time access to search active data and logs complemented by client-specific dashboards that present normalized and enriched data. With log retention and storage management, enjoy the flexibility to search, investigate, and restore logs as needed.

Learn more about reporting and business intelligence

Prioritize Risk & Drive Business Confidence

Central to our proactive defense is the Proficio ThreatInsight® Score. This unique algorithm assesses your security controls, analyzes the Cyber Kill Chain®, and evaluates the threat landscape, providing a precise risk quantification. Gain confidence through score comparisons with peers, receive improvement suggestions, and explore ProView® for industry peer group comparisons on overall risk, incident trends, and unique data sources

Learn about Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Stay Ahead of Emerging Threats

Our dedicated Threat Intelligence team vigilantly monitors the ever-changing threat landscape. Detecting new attack vectors, critical vulnerabilities, and understanding the behavior of cybercriminals, we ensure your defenses are not just protected but fortified against the latest cyber threats. With Proficio®, stay ahead of the curve in cybersecurity resilience.

Learn how we protect against emerging threats


Proficio's Threat Management Platform

Proficio’s Threat Management Platform is the driving force behind ProSOC® MDR, addressing the cybersecurity challenges of tomorrow. Merging cutting-edge commercial technology with millions of lines of Proficio’s proprietary software, our platform is your ultimate solution for comprehensive threat management.


Empowering Visibility Across Your IT Environment

ProSOC® MDR collects and analyzes data from hundreds of log source types including network, endpoint, identity, SaaS, cloud via API, syslog collector, or native device log collection. The setup for log collection is effortless and seamless, requiring no additional network sensors or agents.


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