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Managed Detect and Response (MDR) services for hybrid and multi-cloud workloads.
Cloud Workloads Raise the Stakes on Security

Most of the same security risks that apply to data and applications residing within a traditional data center also apply to virtualized assets in cloud infrastructures like AWS, Azure, and others. Virtual servers can be infected with malware or ransomware, credentials can be stolen, and cyber criminals can exfiltrate data. Misconfigurations and access management are at the root of most breaches and fall at the feet of customers—not cloud providers.

Whether your workloads are lift and shift or cloud-native, gaining cloud security expertise through ProSOC® MDR reduces your risk and expands your coverage.

Cloud Vigilance

24/7 Security Monitoring

Streamlined Defense

Simplified Cloud Security

Cloud Risk Reduction

Effective Vulnerability Management


Give Security Teams Much-Needed Assistance
to Reduce Risk

Find and Fix
Unintentional Errors

Misconfigurations and mistakes that expose data, APIs, or network segments to the internet are often culprits of cloud data breaches due to a lack of visibility into these vulnerabilities. ProSOC® MDR services provide clarity, allowing you to prioritize, ensuring app and dev teams adopt security policies and processes.

Secure Migrations and Deployments as
They Happen

One of the biggest benefits of cloud is the increase in speed to deployment. With the developer to security engineer ratio at 10:1, adding expertise to your team—without hiring—pays off. Mitigating risk before it hits production is preferable. With logs routed to your SIEM and Active Defense for ProSOC® MDR in play, your detect and containment time is minutes, not hours or days.

Less Tools,
Fewer Blind Spots

Complex environments are more difficult to secure comprehensively due to a lack of visibility. Using too many standalone security tools creates blind spots affecting your ability to prioritize risk and prevent threats. ProSOC® MDR simplifies this complexity by centralizing your approach to security—both in and outside of the cloud. See the big picture with clarity.


ProSOC® MDR for Cloud Protection

Monitor and Manage Cloud Data and Security Events

Whether your cloud environment is AWS, Azure, or Google—or a hybrid—we have experts skilled in monitoring and analyzing data from cloud services and web apps. Proficio® also integrates data from Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solutions for access management and data loss prevention (DLP). Our goal is to reduce your attack surface and protect your cloud-based assets.

Manage Zones and Vulnerabilities

Based on your security policies, we’ll monitor and manage your virtual, next-generation firewalls, web application firewalls (WAF), and vulnerability scanning tools to ensure traffic flows as it should between virtual machines. Increased visibility and integrated threat intelligence helps to detect and block attacks at the application, port, and protocol levels.

Activate Automated Threat Responses

ProSOC® MDR with Active Defense, a Response-as-a-Service® solution for automating the containment of threats, goes beyond alerts, utilizing a rich use case library, threat intelligence, and custom playbooks for comprehensive threat mitigation.


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