Managed SIEM for Microsoft Sentinel or Splunk

Minimize false positives and maximize return on your Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) investment.

A Finely Tuned SIEM Detects Credible Threats

Whether using Microsoft Sentinel or Splunk SIEM, it requires fine-tuning to your business.

You must orchestrate it for comprehensive data source ingestion, contextual analysis, and false positive reduction. It requires constant tuning to detect unknown threats by applying threat intelligence to content and models. Security teams often struggle to find the time to apply the expertise needed to do this. That’s where Proficio’s Managed SIEM comes in, providing the expertise and resources you need to enhance your SIEM’s performance.


Fast-Track SIEM Setup


SIEM Configuration Made Easy


False Positive Reduction

SIEM Optimization

Gain Precision in Less Time

Reduce False Positives

Amid a flood of alerts, mostly false positives, security analysts fear missing critical events. We simplify alert management, suppressing unnecessary alerts and enhancing threat detection, so no critical events go unaddressed.

Achieve Confidence in Your Threat Detection Abilities

Lacking confidence in your SIEM threat detection? Proficio® provides tailored content and detection rules aligned with your organization’s business context, reducing false positives and enhancing threat detection accuracy.

SIEM Configuration Made Easy

Configuring SIEM tools and parsers for log collection from defined sources is complex. Resource gaps can hinder efficient log infrastructure management. Managed SIEM resolves this, enabling teams to focus on impactful tasks.

Fast-Track SIEM Setup

Count on our SIEM experts for fast setup, ensuring a seamless integration that gets you up and running in no time. We support multiple deployment models from fully-managed to co-managed whether in the cloud or the datacenter.


Enhanced Threat Detection, Response & Remediation

Simplified Alert Response

We create and manage your SOAR playbooks, streamlining incident response procedures for faster and more efficient resolution of security incidents.

Reduction of False Positives

Managed SIEM fine-tunes your content to your environment, enabling your response team to focus on investigating and resolving real incidents.

Streamlined SIEM Operations

We manage admin tasks, upgrades, troubleshooting, and monitor SIEM health. We are on call for extended needs and for custom content creation.


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