Fortifying Network Defenses with ProSOC® MDR
Protect your business with real-time threat detection, containment, and risk-based vulnerability management for robust perimeter defense against cyber threats.
Fortify Your Defenses at the Perimeter

Defending against diverse attacks requires robust network defenses. Budget constraints, skill gaps, and lack of monitoring make it challenging to have the visibility, tools, and personnel for proactive, real-time protection. Proficio® offers a comprehensive solution to overcome these hurdles and fortify your perimeter defenses.

ProSOC® MDR provides security monitoring, response-as-a-service, enhanced visibility, and proactive defense to strengthen your network perimeters.

Continuous Vigilance

24/7 Security Monitoring

Advanced Threat Defense

Automated Threat Containment at the Perimeter

Proactive Resilience

Stay Ahead of Emerging Threats

Continuous Vigilance

Cybersecurity Beyond Boundaries

Address Global Skill Shortages

Cyber attackers operate beyond 9-5pm, requiring your organization to have continuous monitoring. We offer a cost-effective solution, alleviating staffing and budget challenges. Our ProSOC® MDR provides continuous vigilance, delivering real-time threat detection and response, sparing the need for 24/7 in-house teams.

Continuous Monitoring

We address threats like unpatched vulnerabilities through continuous perimeter security monitoring. Using advanced detection methods like behavioral analytics and UEBA, we identify unusual activities, enabling timely responses to mitigate risks and protect your network from severe consequences of cyberattacks.

Stay Ahead of Evolving Risks

Advanced Threat Defense

Reduce Mean Time to Detect (MTTD)

We employ cutting-edge technologies and proprietary processes for advanced threat detection, securing perimeters, endpoints, and cloud. Our Defense in Depth strategy, combining narrow-band and broad-band approaches, enhances identification of adversarial actions, ensuring heightened event visibility at the perimeter, including ransomware pre-cursor activities.

Rapidly Contain Threats in Under 4 Minutes

ProSOC® MDR with Active Defense is our solution for after-hour threat protection, automating swift containment by leveraging your existing network security tools. With 70% of attacks occurring after business hours, as reported by our SOC, this approach ensures rapid IP traffic blocking and endpoint containment.

Prioritize Risk & Drive Business Confidence

Timely updates, patches, and gap closure ensures a robust defense against threats. Strengthen your perimeter with ProSOC® MDR and Risk-Based Vulnerability Management (RBVM). Systematically identify and prioritize vulnerabilities to uncover potential gateways. Regular tests and scans pinpoint weaknesses for prompt remediation, effectively strengthening your perimeter.

Stay Ahead of Emerging Threats

Proactive threat hunting is vital for safeguarding businesses against emerging threats. However, challenges like resource constraints, skill gaps, and data overload can impede effective threat hunting. ProSOC® MDR, featuring a threat hunting team, addresses these challenges by actively searching through networks, data, and systems to find hidden threats and adversaries.

Gain Enhanced Visibility

Elevate your security posture and network defense with ProSOC® MDR. Overcome complexities of navigating security landscapes and interpreting vast amounts of data. Gain real-time threat data, perimeter device data, detailed metrics, and dashboards for early threat identification, policy violation, improvement insights, and for justifying security investments.

Protection from Password-related Risks

Complex passwords are hard to remember, leading to reused passwords across applications. Users often link their corporate email to personal accounts, posing risk when external sites get breached. Cyber Exposure Monitoring continuously scans the Dark Web for compromised passwords, enhancing identity protection needed to fortify your perimeter against evolving threats.

Proactive Resilience

Empower Your Organization to Navigate the Cybersecurity Landscape


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