Meet Cyber Insurance Requirements

ProSOC MDR improves organizations’ insurability.

Why do organizations need cyber insurance?

Cyber insurance is a necessity for organizations of all sizes. It’s a safety net that helps ensure resilience in the face of cyberattacks.

Policies can vary, but the core requirements are standard as cyber insurance companies as a whole need to know organizations are addressing areas with the greatest probability of attack. While some cyber insurance companies still allow organizations to self-validate these requirements, the industry is trending towards requiring Managed Detection and Response services to ensure that organizations’ cyber controls are in place and always up-to-date


Managed Detection and Response


24/7 Monitoring and Alerts


Endpoint Detection and Response


Why Partner with Profico

Enhance Cyber Resilience

Managed Detection and Response capabilities, continuous monitoring, threat intelligence, and integrations help solidify an organization’s resilience, allowing it to withstand a cyber incident with minimal disruption and lower financial losses, increasing your organization’s insurability.

Lower Risk Profile, Lower Premiums

Effective MDR service quickly zeroes in on and responds to cyber threats in real-time, minimizing the impact of security incidents. MDR diminishes risk for insurers, potentially leading to lower premiums.

Demonstrate that Security is a Priority

Managed detection and response enhances an organization’s overall security posture. Insurers value organizations that prioritize cybersecurity, and using a managed detection and response cybersecurity service is likely to be reflected in more favorable terms and coverage.

Meeting Cybersecurity Insurance Requirements

Put the Right Security Controls in Place

24x7 Monitoring by Expert Security Analysts

Insurance policies mandate 24/7 visibility as essential—yet understaffing and alert volumes can make it difficult. Proficio’s Managed Detection and Response overcomes these hurdles through our fully integrated Security Operations Centers. With workflows, on-call cyber experts and more, we provide the continuous security oversight insurance provisions require.

Risk Based Vulnerability Management

Identifying the most vulnerable systems allows your team to promptly address high-priority risks. Proficio’s Risk Based Vulnerability Management (RBVM) enables you to prioritize patching based on the potential exploitation risk and the significance of each system.

Logging and Monitoring of Events

Log monitoring is vital for cyber insurance. Our MDR solution delivers SIEM advantages without the complexity through our shared service model. We assist with platform management and a range of threat use cases—no existing SIEM required. Via our 24×7 SOC, we facilitate monitoring, alerting, and response by integrating with your tools or deploying our SIEM and SOAR solutions.

Endpoint and Detection and Response

Many major data breaches originate from hackers infiltrating just one endpoint. Our Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) service safeguards vital devices via nonstop monitoring, empowering real-time threat visibility. By partnering with top EDR providers, we allow clients to obtain EDR capabilities through our EDR services offering regardless of prior implementation.


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