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Actionable insights to fortify your defenses and proactively respond to emerging threats.

ProView® Security Dashboard: Your Gateway to Increased Visibility into your Security Posture

From intuitive dashboards, advanced log search capabilities, and risk gap assessments, we equip your business with the actionable insights needed to fortify your defenses and proactively respond to emerging threats.


Security Posture Improvement


Smart Risk Scoring & Peer Comparisons


Executive Dashboards


Benefits of Increased Visibility

Vulnerability Mitigation: Proactive Defense

Identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in security controls before exploitation is crucial. By discerning weaknesses in systems, processes, or employee practices, we help to proactively shore up your defenses against potential threats.

Break the Cycle of Recurring threats

Limited visibility poses challenges in understanding the scope of attacks to guide remediation efforts. The absence of remediation can perpetuate a recurring threat cycle. To address this, we offer a log search portal, ensuring easy access to online log data in normalized and enriched format.

Demonstrate Incident Resilience

Meet the expectations of B2B partners, company boards, and underwriting criteria for cyber insurance coverage with confidence. The ProView® Security Dashboard empowers you to showcase your ability to manage and mitigate security incidents.

Proficio's Enhanced Approach


Elevate Your Oversight

Gain a comprehensive view of your organization’s security posture through Proficio’s ProView® portal. This high-level overview enables you to identify threat blind spots and achieve complete visibility into your security controls.


Strategic Insights at Your Fingertips

Explore strategic insights with our executive dashboards and reports, offering a summarized view of your security posture.

Executive Dashboards

Unlock profound insights into your Proficio service operations, security incidents, incident trends, comparative analysis, and more with our self-service, customizable executive dashboards.

Incidents Overview Dashboard

Visualize your security posture and service health summary. Explore incident trending data, total incidents over time, and incident breakdown by type.

Incidents Trends Dashboard

Executives gain deep insights with the incident trends dashboard, offering a comparative analysis of attack types, frequency, and incidents in similar organizations.

Boardroom-Ready Reports

Enhance reporting with tailored, boardroom-ready reports for executives. Answer board-level questions on threat levels and cyber risk, empowering meaningful discussions at the highest organizational level.

Efficient Incident and Response Management

Real-Time Visibility: Empowerment Through ProView®

Access real-time alerts with Proficio ProView® Portal. Track and manage incidents, requests, and explore a comprehensive knowledge base.

ServiceNow Integration: Streamlined Workflow

Proficio® integrates ServiceNow® ITSM for a streamlined workflow and efficient case management. Directly log incidents and service requests to Proficio, with seamless integration into ITSM and compatibility with various third-party ticketing systems.

Comprehensive Investigation and Fast Log Search

As part of Proficio’s MDR service, you gain entry to a search portal, offering seamless access to all your online log data presented in normalized and enriched formats. Conduct investigations with ease, utilizing a diverse range of filters for events and potential threats. Dashboards, featuring defined log searches, provide insights into log activity, analytical information on threat detection events, and detailed device audits.

ThreatInsight® Dashboards

Identify and Reduce Security Risks

Gain a deeper understanding of your environment and proactively reduce risk with ThreatInsight® dashboards.

Details include identifying threats lacking coverage within your network, a comprehensive breakdown for each network category (perimeter, endpoint, core, and cloud), and tailored recommendations for each category. An insightful heat map showcases the level of threat coverage in each network category, spotlighting potential risk areas.

ThreatInsight® Score: In-Depth Risk Quantification

Evaluate the effectiveness of your security controls with our proprietary ThreatInsight® score. This score, utilizing a patented algorithm, provides a unique risk calculation comparing your security stance to Proficio’s customer base and industry peers.

ThreatInsight® Security Gap Assessment: Unearth Security Risks

Uncover network blind spots through Proficio’s ThreatInsight® Security Gap Assessment. Evaluate your industry standing and gain unparalleled insights into potential risks.

Practical Recommendations: Enhance Your Security Posture

Receive automatic recommendations for bolstering your overall security posture based on your ThreatInsight® score.


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