ProSOC® MDR Services for the Hospitality Industry
Protect your hospitality business with ProSOC® MDR. Keep critical data safe, ensure PCI DSS compliance, and reduce cyber risk.
Securing Your Hospitality Business

The abundance of sensitive data processed daily makes casinos, restaurants, and hotels prime targets for cyber attacks. 

We recognize the difficulty in safeguarding vast data with limited resources. To address this challenge, we offer tailored and affordable Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services designed for your hospitality business. As an extension of your team, we provide 24/7 security monitoring, advanced threat detection, automated threat response, and proactive cybersecurity services, ensuring PCI compliance, and proactively addressing security gaps.


Continuous Monitoring for 24/7 Security Assurance


Contain Threats in Under 4 Minutes

Collaborative Defense

Tailored Solutions for Hospitality

MDR Services for Your Hospitality Business

Keep Your Guest’s Confidential Information Safe

Affordable 24/7 Monitoring

With limited IT security personnel, covering shifts on nights, weekends, or holidays becomes a struggle. Our cost-effective solution, ProSOC® MDR, offers continuous security monitoring, advanced threat detection, automated response-as-a-service, risk-based vulnerability management, and Dark Web monitoring ensuring that your networks are under constant surveillance.

Rapidly Contain Threats in Under 4 Minutes

Our SOC reports that 70% of attacks occur outside of business hours. With attackers aiming to accomplish their goal within eight hours, swift response is vital. Maintaining 24/7 response with limited budgets and staff is possible with ProSOC® MDR with Active Defense, automating containment and blocking attacks using your network, endpoint, and Identity security tools.

Continuous Monitoring for Exposed Confidential Information

Stolen passwords and financial data pose significant risks to your business. Proficio’s Cyber Exposure Monitoring Service continuously monitors the Dark Web for compromised passwords and leaked confidential information tied to your business. This proactive approach enables preemptive measures to be taken, preventing cybercriminals from exploiting any vulnerabilities.

Tackle Your Most Critical Vulnerabilities to Reduce Risk

Identifying crucial vulnerabilities is pivotal in risk reduction. ProSOC® MDR, coupled with Risk-based Vulnerability Management, prioritizes vulnerabilities based on their exploit risk in hospitality, asset criticality, and known activity. This approach ensures targeted patching and remediation, maximizing the impact on lowering business risk.

Meet PCI Requirements

By integrating ProSOC® MDR services into your cybersecurity strategy, you can strengthen your security posture, maintain compliance with PCI requirements, and ensure the protection of cardholder data against evolving cyber threats.


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