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Ensure patient data confidentiality and uninterrupted business continuity through continuous monitoring and proactive measures.

ProSOC® MDR: Transforming Healthcare Security – Safeguarding Lives, Protecting Patient Data, and Ensuring Operational Resilience in the Digital Era

In the healthcare sector, cyberattacks pose severe threats, jeopardizing patient lives. The rising connectivity of medical devices amplifies risks for vulnerable patient data across digital systems. ProSOC® MDR emerges as a transformative solution, flipping the script for healthcare providers and payors facing relentless cyber threats.

This comprehensive defense system stands ready to safeguard patient information and ensure the resilience of healthcare operations in the digital age.


24/7 Monitoring of Critical Devices and PHI


Evaluate Security, Bridge Compliance Gaps


Access Healthcare Security Experts for Unparalleled Defense

CONSTANT Vigilance

Security of Patient Health Data

Prevent PHI

Around-the-clock monitoring means threats are detected faster, even during off hours when 70% of cyber attacks occur. With Active Defense, Response-as-a-Service solution for ProSOC® MDR, our security operations center acts quickly to isolate threats before PHI is compromised.

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Protect Against Ransomware

Healthcare providers are often targeted by ransomware attacks, which can severely impact patient care and safety. Behavioral analysis and anomaly detection help recognize unusual patterns of activity associated with ransomware, allowing for intervention before damage can occur.

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Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Detection

Utilizing advanced monitoring, behavioral analysis and contextual awareness of your networks and systems, we swiftly detect early indicators of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). Our approach allows for early response, minimizing the potential damage caused by APTs.

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Ensure Operational Continuity

Cyber Resilience in Healthcare

Healthcare providers rely heavily on digital systems for patient care. In 2023, the estimated cost of downtime to medical organizations due to cyber attacks is a staggering $15.5 million (Source: Comparitech).
ProSOC® MDR helps ensure operational continuity by detecting and addressing threats promptly, minimizing downtime and disruptions to critical healthcare services.

ProSOC® MDR teams operate ceaselessly — before, during, and after attacks to ensure the resilience of healthcare IT.


Before an Attack

ProSOC® MDR threat hunters meticulously explore potential attack scenarios, proactively closing any vulnerabilities that might be exploited.


During an Attack

Upon detecting an attack, ProSOC® MDR ensures swift notification, containment, and isolation of affected assets, achieving a response time of 4 minutes or less.


After an Attack

Ensuring a strong cybersecurity stance post-attack, ProSOC® MDR provides detailed incident investigations, guided remediation, and access to real-time log data through the Proficio Threat Investigator Portal.


Maintain HIPAA Compliance and
Audit Readiness

Continuous Monitoring and Rapid Response

ProSOC® MDR provides 24/7 continuous monitoring for your healthcare environment, promptly detecting and responding to security threats, ensuring compliance with timely incident identification and resolution.

Regulatory Alignment and Documentation

ProSOC® MDR aligns with healthcare regulations like HIPAA, contributing to compliance requirements by implementing industry-standard security practices. Detailed incident reports and audit trails provide documentation for regulatory audits.

Data Protection and Adaptability

ProSOC® MDR safeguards patient data, addressing vulnerabilities and emerging threats proactively. It also stays current with regulatory changes, enabling healthcare providers to adapt security measures to evolving compliance standards.


and Risk

Addressing Third-Party Vulnerabilities in Healthcare Supply Chains

In the healthcare sector, organizations often lack visibility into the security of third-party partners handling patient data. ProSOC® MDR transcends this limitation, offering unparalleled awareness across industries and sizes. Our broad customer base ensures early threat detection within the supply chain, allowing swift notification and proactive actions to eliminate emerging risks, fortifying your healthcare defenses.

Patient Data Protection

Cybercriminals target the valuable patient data managed by providers. We implement proactive measures to safeguard this information. Our threat hunting team identifies and eliminates malicious activities aimed at stealing patient data. Moreover, we diligently monitor the dark web to proactively identify any sale of patient data or leaked employee credentials, preventing cybercriminals from gaining access to and compromising patient information.

Targeted Vulnerability Management to Strengthen Your Defenses

Uncover potential security risks in your healthcare network. Proficio Risk-based Vulnerability Management service identifies vulnerabilities, prioritizes them for resolution, and offers a risk score benchmarked against similar companies in the healthcare industry.


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