Target: Ikea TaskRabbit – Security Breach

The Ikea owned application TaskRabbit announced a security breach had occurred that could have left user account credentials vulnerable. Unauthorized attackers gained access to the system exposing account details such as usernames and passwords. It is still unclear if any user personal payment information had been exploited. The application was taken offline and the situation was assessed by TaskRabbit, law enforcement officials as well as a third party cybersecurity group. The details surrounding the data breach are sparse, as the investigation with a cyber forensic team is currently ongoing. After multiple days, the app has since been brought back online.

In a statement released on Twitter, TaskRabbit urges users to change their credential information as soon as possible as well as closely monitor their personal accounts for suspicious behavior.

TaskRabbit is a mobile application which links customers with “Taskers” who are willing to do odd jobs and chores for payment. TaskRabbit was acquired by the Swedish furniture giant in September of 2017 and launched a furniture assembly service through the application.

Proficio Threat Intelligence Recommendations:

  • Adhere to security best practices by limiting password reuse through the implementation of unique passwords for individual accounts

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