Protecting Proprietary Information

In today’s competitive landscape, manufacturers must protect their proprietary processes and intellectual property from theft. Manufacturing and logistics operations are highly dependent on IT systems functioning without errors or disruption. Industrial control systems (ICS) are vulnerable to attacks and require expert monitoring. 

Additionally, with growing adoption of smart sensor technology, a continued rise in cyber attacks, and proliferation of connected devices, manufacturers are challenged with securing their assets and operations. Proficio ProSOC® keeps your critical infrastructure secure by delivering advanced detection, protection and automated incident response.

24x7 Security Monitoring
  • Log collection and retention
  • Advanced analysis, actionable alerts, and customized escalations
  • Around-the-clock access to security experts
Extension of Your IT Security Team
  • Fully managed SOC services – increased visibility, improved effectiveness, reduced operational costs
  • Automated workflow and response for quick action
Protect Against Targeted Attacks
  • Advanced analytics, threat intelligence, and business context modeling to accurately prioritize threats
  • 24x7 security expert investigations and hunting
  • Remediation response – rapidly block or contain attacks
Protect Connected Industrial Critical Systems
  • Detect, monitor and protect assets, networks, and industrial controls
  • Manage and monitor the right security controls – endpoint, IDS/IPS, firewall
  • Proven vulnerability assessment process to identify risks in ICS and networks